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  • The Reef is a great dispensary! The staff is very friendly and helpful. Mo is an awesome budtender! They have a great selection of pre rolls at great prices. I will definitely be going back!

  • one of the best in the valley

  • Greenpharms is my favorite place! They always have a large selection. Staff is awesome. Prices are great!

  • This is my favorite dispensary. They have what I want 95% of the time and the staff are excellent.

  • great meds one of the best in the east valley

  • One of the best dispensaries in phornix

  • I like how it is not prepackaged :)

  • one of the best in the valley

  • It's good tell they closed down now it's hard that's it's not near by.much harder with no ride.

  • This place is dirty dark. Way to high priced. Manager is horrible Snotty to customers. She just dosent get that being rude to customers is not good for busiess but not surprised. Owner said she would call me back but of course she didnt. They could care less as long as they make a buck or two.

  • I love the location because it’s right by my house the product is amazing and so is the stuff they are very knowledgeable this is my go to dispensary for sure

  • This is the absolute worst dispensary in the state. Highest prices I've seen anywhere. Also, the manager of the place has absolutely no managerial skills. The owner is absent most of the time. We all know what happens with an absente owner, they have no idea what a shit show is going on., and believe me it is quite a show. I have never been in any place where when you ask to peak o the manager of a place she comes to you with the attitude yha we should all be grteful she lets us in. The falsley advertised BOGO up to state limit. What they didnt tell you was only 14 ounces per strain. Because i quetioned it she had quite the attitude. I guess she hasnt figured out that her job is customer service not acting tho its an honor for me to be allowed in. I will not be back until a quLified manager is in place. I would like to add add the budtendrrs and security are very professional. Maybe the manager which did not introduce herself could take a lesson on how to treat customers,

  • The Staff is awesome and very great to get advice from

  • Have not bought anything from this place but when I drive past it, it looks like it has great taste in the strains they sell

  • love the people they give great service and know what they are talking about

  • Very well explain of strains

  • amazing staff crew and customer service! my go to for concentrates :)

  • The very best budmasters ever, and They always have great deals!

  • Excellent great place

  • love that place ....

  • It is a great place to get puraearth uncut live resin cartilage

  • Great prices love tuesday deals 12/20/17

    reviewed Nirvana Center
  • Unprofessional and inappropriate behavior and communication from the main individual who runs this delivery service. As a potential new client, I followed their website's instructions exactly and texted in a copy of my ID and medical marijuana card in order to expedite the new patient information processing, with a guarantee to receive a quick response to set up a delivery time. After receiving no response for a full day, realizing I just sent front and back copies of my state ID and medical marijuana card to a total stranger, and after the recent huge Equifax hacking, I decided to take precaution and I text that same number again the next day this exact message: " I am not comfortable texting my ID info and not receiving any legitimate professional response. Federal law would require you to destroy my identification information, or otherwise be held responsible for any possible future identity theft activity." To which I then immediately received these unprofessional and ext

  • Good flower variety& indica.

  • Great atmosphere, amazing staff, & low pricing? Perfect place to shop!

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