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  • 18+ Allowed
  • On-Site ATM
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Veteran Discounts

First Time Patients

First Time Patients are offered a one-time special, to be used within their first 3 visits!


We are a state regulated MMJ Dispensary that is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services, and we are owned and operated by MMJ patients and military veterans. We provide services only to Arizona MMJ Patients, and pride ourselves on...


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    Friendly, knowledgeable staff. They actually take their time with their patients and go out of their way to find what they need. A place actually all about patients before profits. Most places are "get your shit and get out". There's a consultation room you can go in to talk privately or to examine the medicine upon request. The prices aren't what you'll find in the city, but it's a small town shop so what do you expect?

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