Delivery Reviews in Palo Verde, AZ

  • I'm not in love with the location and the building was not the easiest to spot but once I got inside it was another story. The staff was knowledgeable and they had a decent selection of products. The quality of my purchase that I've thus far sampled is excellent. I will be going back!

  • Always a pleasure loading up on my meds here. Best bud and fair pricing. Gotta try them if you haven't yet...

  • Always on point . Great Budtenders and even better buds....

  • The dispensary is one of my fav's even though it is quite a distance from my home. Fantastic prices on glassware.

  • I purchase 3 ounces of flower a month. I buy $ 200.×× ozs. I would prefer to do business with VOTS, but have been spending my $ 600.×× a month elsewhere do to Vots not offering Ounces at $ 200×× anymore..!! You will have to be competitive to get My business...Also I've found 3.5 gram Shatter for $100.×× otd. VOTS price is $ 38.×× a Gram thats $ 33.×× + tax higher for same deal...! COME ON VOTS, YOUR LOSING FAITHFUL CUSTOMERS..!

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