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    Worst dispensary ever. Every other comment on here is true: overpriced, substandard bud from jerks, managed by a greedy doctor who doesn't care for the patients. I didn't have a choice but to go here because it's the only store in the city, and after some of the associates there decided to spread rumors and start shit, I tried to talk with them and they preferred to start a shouting match, and file a false police report against me afterwards.

    I hope you go bankrupt you moral-less bastards.

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    An embarrasment to the MMJ community. Not compassionate. Fail in every sense on the word.

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    Where's weed...? NOT HERE! (unless you're NOT concerned with the meds' quality; ...AT ALL!!).

    After having divided weekly visits between 4 (relatively) local dispensaries over the past 2+ years (in southern AZ area) --[as well as a few Tucson dispensaries], there's no question that this one is easily the worst.

    During the past couple of years I have come to know most of this dispensary's bud-tenders, as well as the owner, Dr. Lisa Landy. Altho the owner (Dr. Landy) is a bit ditsy, the company's employees are pretty good... but that's not the problem!

    IT'S THE MEDS! They're horrible!! Reminds me of Mexican dirt weed, only over-priced --by over 300%-- (I don't mind paying more for quality, but this store wouldn't know a "top-shelf" product if it bit their arse!

    Add to that the fact that 98% of the crappy buds they usually have in stock, they're asking $480.00 per ounce!? Who in their right mind pays $480 for an ounce of ditch weed?

    I would love to see this Sierra Vista dispensary taken over by other, more responsible, owners, and until that day comes, I'll be visiting other dispensaries.

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