Sun Valley Weed Delivery Reviews

  • Best dispensary in Phoenix hands down recommended

  • Everyone at Oasis/Glendale is friendly & welcoming, I love this place

  • need a few better flower strains

  • Being a Natural Giver

  • lovely you feel like family when you open those doors and take that step you feel part of the Ponda rosa crew. Thanks 4 being you. thank you la,Moody😉

  • I had a bad experience at that store today. Chose to call the store and speak to manager rather than blast on reviews. Well, that didn’t work out. He refused to be professional and give me his name, so I knew who I was speaking to. Not sure if he even was a manager. Such a shame because I DID like the store and I DO like some of the people who work there. But after that phone call with THAT so called manager I will have to take my business elsewhere. And there are many other dispensaries that would love to take my money. I merely wanted to state that I was unhappy because they did not specify the 30% off the item order did not qualify for the B2G1 free. I know about double dipping on specials. But they did not say it wouldn’t apply, nor did the receptionist I tt. They usually specify such exemptions. As a loyal customer I wanted to pass on this. So people like me placing a phone order weren’t caught off guard. And have to use and pay atm fees for the extra monies.

  • They never answer the phone, so I have to drive 30 miles to find out that they do not have what I want, I am not satisfied with the managers attitude, the strains are o.k. occasionally something halfway decent. Prices are way to high. If I go to Tucson I pay 165 an ounce of top shelf where here for 1/4 I pay almost 100.00

  • I got kicked out of line because even though i had my card ready just had to unlock the phone budtender refused to let me in. I am disabled and have problems with my hands. This is how they treat a disabled person not with empathy or patience just a rude kick in the ass! This treatment is totally not worth driving that far at all. Prices are ridiculous. Go to Tucson for way better deals and nice patient tenders willing to help out. Not hurried thru and treated bad.

  • I’m a regular customer and I go here all the time but the last week my flowers been looking short so I went and got a scale and I was right I have been shorted almost 3GS I ordered 7 today I know I’ve been shorted all week so I guess I won’t be going here anymore can’t be trusted

  • This place is great! Had some trouble reaching them on the phone but they called back within an hour and I was able to get my card within a week of my first call just for info about the card. I would definitely recommend!

    Bpearl reviewed DR420
  • She was extremely friendly and helpful with my questions. The quality is getting better. But there is not much to pick from ..that being one of the bad part. Also there is no type of deals. Which would improve business a lot since a lot of the clientele is from out of town and are most likely willing to spend a lot if there was more deals. Lol I’m sure my review doesn’t matter but I figured why not .

  • Great place to shop

  • Do not like the fact that even though you do your shopping online you still are expected to wait in the long lines in the heat. What is the point of pre ordering.

  • Great experience

  • One the best loved it shout out to destiny 💯😎

  • How in the hell do you find the menu?

  • Not open on Saturdays?

  • numbers not even on smh lol

  • How do I get ahold of you guys so I kan get some flower donations from who ever runs the shop

  • Great customer service and never a long wait time

  • Always pleasant employees and weed looks good. I enjoy shopping with you guys. Thank you.

  • Horrible, they just tried to pass of CBD as actual well stuff but I noticed and she confessed. Seriously unethical and absolutely CANNOT BE TRUSTED

  • Love the atmosphere, bud'tenders show you it here.

  • Don’t order your medicine from this illegal alien impersonating TRUEMEDS dispensary. Illegal alien driving a black chrystler selling drugs in the street.

  • I have been a long time patient of BuddaKis and they always take care of me. Their customer service is one of a kind, drivers are courteous, and their products are non comparable. Thank you!

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