7 Amazing Weed and Wine Pairings

7 Amazing Weed and Wine Pairings

Published on 10/19/21

Sometimes, there is nothing better than a night in with your friends filled with all your favorite things:  a charcuterie board, delicious wines and great conversation. However, what better way is there to spice up your wine night this year than indulging in a bit of cannabis, too? It's 2021 after all, and solely drinking is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Keep reading below for some of our favorite wine and weed pairings, surely to liven up your next party.

How Do These Two Interact? 


We're positive that you've been warned about the perils of mixing alcohol and weed together. Sure, when taken to the extreme some bad things can occur, and both cannabis and alcohol have similar effects on the body, whether that be impaired judgment, drowsiness, slowed reflexes or a warped time perception. 

But what if you're a total adult in the situation and consume both substances in a safe environment, within moderation? Like all things cannabis, research is still in its infancy - but here is what we may know so far. 

It is said that weed and wine work positively together to enhance one another's effects, and when consuming together one will feel stoned much quicker than without wine. 

Both are said to have relaxing properties, especially when it comes to unwinding and relaxing right before bed only to fall into a blissful night's sleep. Most importantly perhaps is the fact that wine will increase your THC levels. Alcohol will widen blood vessels in your gastrointestinal tract, causing a faster absorption of THC from the weed. 

Cannabis and Wine Pairings 

Just like your favorite food-and-wine pairings, you should approach cannabis and wine pairings in the same exact way. Look for the distinct flavor profiles and aromas associated with each, and when it comes to the cannabis aspect, the terpenes are key here. Yummy, delicious terpenes are where the wonderful aromas and flavors are coming from in cannabis, so get familiar. Also, remember the golden rule - go slow and start low - and you are in for an excellent time. 

Sour Tangie x Chardonnay 

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This first pairing is an obvious winner for a simple reason. They both contain flavor profiles that lean heavily into citrus, so these two are a match made in cannabis heaven. Sour Tangie, otherwise known as "Sunva" is a popular sativa strain that comes from one of the top strains, Sour Diesel and is crossed with Tangie. You'll find a THC content of 18% that will produce a creative, elevated head buzz that is high in the terpene myrcene. With huge citrus overtones, you'll also get some earthy and musky flavors as well. 

Granddaddy Purple x Cabernet Sauvignon 

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This is a big winner on the list of weed and wine pairings and for good reason. Not only is GDP one of the best strains on the market today, but also the Cab Sav grape is the most widely planted grape in California, so there is plenty of fantastic Cabernet Sauvignon to go around, right? What makes these two a match is that they are both extremely fruit-forward, as GDP is a heavy indica strain crossed with Mendos Purp, Skunk and Afghanistan. Coming in at 17% THC, GDP will deliver a potent mind and body relaxation with a pleasant burst of euphoria. High in myrcene, you'll get fruity mixed with the herbaceous and earthy, too. 

Amnesia Haze x Sauvignon Blanc 

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Forget the cheese and charcuterie to pair with wine and bring in the cannabis. We love this pairing because the earthiness from the Sauvignon Blanc complements the citrus from this strain in all the best ways. Amnesia Haze, a delicious sativa with 18% THC, is perfect for an energizing wake and bake session. You'll find the genetics of this one to trace all the way back Asian and Jamaican landrace strains. High in myrcene as well, the earthiness shows through when combined with an earthy Sauv Blanc as well.  

Lavender x Riesling 

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These two are an aromatic dream, as you can expect both to have a flowery, almost perfume-like aroma. This white grape with high acidity will be a delicious pair for this indica strain. Lavender, which is a cross between Super Skunk and Afghani Hawaiian strains will deliver around 17% and is high in the terpene linalool. Expect anti-anxiety and sleep aid properties, with citrus bloom, rose and lily aromas. 

Trainwreck x Pinot Grigio 

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This pairing is going to give you energy and alertness to be the social butterfly at the party ahead. Trainwreck, the potent 17% THC sativa strain, will bring about an intense euphoric feeling while awaking the mind to creativity and a sharp focus and is a cross from old Mexican and Thai sativas. Pairing well with this white grape, you'll find a terpene profile that is high in pinene to pair with this zesty, classic grape in the wine industry. 

Jack Herer x Chardonnay 

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These two, when consumed together, will deliver a mood-enhancing day that will work tirelessly to keep the daily stressors away. Jack Herer, a sativa crossed with Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk, comes in with 17% THC content to energize, uplift and get your head buzzing. The terpene profile that is packed with limonene pairs well with the citrus in the Chardonnay, but beware - Jack Herer is often among the strongest on the list of strains you'll find today. 

Skywalker OG x Zinfandel 

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This robust, red wine pairs well with this indica-leaning hybrid strain due to the commonality of spice that they both share when it comes to their flavor profile. As a cross between Mazar and Blueberry OG, Skywalker OG hits the user with 19% THC to send your body into full relaxation mode, while completely eradicating you of all the pain. With terpenes present such as caryophyllene, there is no wonder these are both known for their spicy aromas and flavors. 

Have you ever tried to combine these two substances? How did it go? What is your go-to strain to pair with any wine? Tell us below. 

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