Top 6 Strains to Smoke During Libra Season

Top 6 Strains to Smoke During Libra Season

Published on 9/26/21

In today's times, if you aren't in touch with your zodiac signs you may as well be living under a rock. Astrology and your zodiac are all about the study of the stars and their relationships with one another. Sure, there may not be much "truth" to it, but you just know when you met a Gemini, right? Just like there are seasons of weather, there are seasons of the zodiac, and as we come into fall, it's Libra season. Keep reading below, because we're going to tell you why you should be excited as you light up with your favorite cannabis strains. 

First Things First, What is The Libra Personality Like? 


This October zodiac sign is an air sign and a cardinal sign of the stars, which means two very important things. The Libra, being a cardinal sign, means that it is an initiator. Expect a Libra to make moves in all facets of life, whether it be work, play or love. Falling into the category of the zodiac that is an air sign, a Libra will be communicative, charismatic and will also tend to be very pragmatic and logical. The most distinctive trait is the one of balance, and you'll find that Libras will be able to work through things logically, navigate any social situation and always strive for peace and harmony. 

What Does This All Mean? 

As we approach the latter months of the year, this means we are entering into a new astrological season and this time, it's time for the Libra to shine. The Libra season dates run from September 23rd through October 23. As you may have noticed, it is right in the middle of the fall which is traditionally a time to start new things and foster fresh beginnings. This is a contrast coming off of Virgo season, which is characterized by work, work and more work. With this new season upon us, the Libra takes a nice and relaxed step into new things. These new things could be a new job, or even a new lover as the Libra sign is the sign of relationships because it is ruled by Venus, the planet of love

Best Cannabis Strains for Libra Season 

Mark your calendars with the Libra horoscope dates so you can celebrate this season in style! Check out some different strains of weed that pair excellently with the balanced and open-mindedness of this sign. 

Sugar Candy 

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When it comes to the question of sativa vs indica, why can't you have it all? After all, the Libra is the balance of the zodiac, so grab a hybrid that can balance out all the effects too. We like the hybrid Sugar Candy with a THC content of 23% to keep things interesting and diverse. A cross between Sugar Black Rose and Caramelo, this hard-hitting flavor profile will blast the senses with lavender, spice, mango and mint notes. Just like how Libras can tackle any social situation, this strain will do the same. Expect a chatty, happy afternoon while also relaxing into a thoughtful and introspective headspace later throughout the day. 

Blue Walker 

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This sativa strain as a cross between Skywalker and Blue Dream will hit hard with THC levels reaching about 25%, with a bit of CBD thrown into the mix --  about 4% on average. You'll find a smooth, fruity taste and aroma as you feel energized by the full-body buzzing sensation. Reach for this strain as you roll a joint if you want to feel as charismatic as a Libra. This euphoric strain will take over any troubled or anxious mind. 


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This one should come as no surprise, as it often finds its way onto the best weed strains in the sativa category. With the genetics of California Orange and Skunk-1, this strain hit the mainstream in Europe and is now making its way all over the globe. With 17% THC and a zesty, citrusy tangerine aroma, there is no wonder that the dominant terpene here is none other than limonene. Tangie delivers an uplifted, creative feeling, so pack your favorite bong and get to work on a new project during this season of new beginnings. 

Thai Sticks 

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This pure landrace sativa native to Thailand is sure to back an energized punch and has been on the scene since the 70s and 80s. With a distinct, earthy yet sweet aroma, Thai Sticks will leave the smoker feeling focused above all else, with an energized mood ready to take on anything that comes in their way. With 19% THC, this may be a great strain to tackle rough arguments between friends as Libra is the master of mediation and compromise. 

Black Russian 

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Although the Libra is often rational and known for balance, there is also another side to this sign. The Libra is often fantasy-prone and loves anything that is aesthetically pleasing, due to their excellent taste in the finer things in life. This indica strain, with 18% THC and genetics of Black Domina and White Russian, is one of the most beautiful and dreamy strains on the market today. Upon smoking, you'll get hit with a medley of tropical aromas that are perfect for drifting off into a deep mind and body relaxation. 

Hulk Berry 

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If you've been looking for a new strain for Libra season to try new things and feel powerful while doing it, look no further than this potent hybrid strain. With a fierce lineage of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel and upwards of 28% THC on average, Hulk Berry will deliver an intense earthy-fuel aroma with a sour-sweet aftertaste. Get introspective and even gain some clarity in a big decision you need to make for the season ahead. 

Do you believe in astrology? Any big plans for Libra season? Share your thoughts below. 

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