How to Calm First Date Nerves with Cannabis

How to Calm First Date Nerves with Cannabis

Published on 2/2/22

Whether we like it or not, love is in the air this season. It may be your favorite holiday or one that you find downright deplorable, but either way, it's going to happen - so why not celebrate? First date anxiety is real, and you probably have a few questions running through your nervous brain. How can I stop being nervous before a date? Are there weed strains to calm anxiety? How do you feel relaxed before a date? Keep reading below for answers to these questions and some of the best strains of weed to erase these unwanted feelings. 

How Cannabis Can Quell Anxiety 

Everyone likely already knows a few things about cannabis. For starters, THC, the psychoactive compound of the cannabis sativa plant, can work as a mood booster for those who consume it. Rolling a joint will often result in a rush of euphoria, which often manifests itself as giggling fits, a relaxed body and overall calmness. This is all in part because anandamide also called the bliss molecule, mimics the effects of THC, acting as a natural antidepressant. What does this all mean? A few puffs from your favorite piece can get you out of your head and into the best first date of your life!

What About CBD? How to Calm Your Nerves Before a Date


For some, THC can work in opposing ways with anxiety, nervousness, and stress that we'll get to below. If you consider yourself one of these people, don't rule out the entire cannabis sativa plant just yet. CBD is the cousin to THC and is a non-psychoactive player in the game. CBD works wonders within the body, specifically within the endocannabinoid system, and can even enhance the effects of THC when consumed together. 

CBD works within the body to help restore and maintain bodily functions, including homeostasis within the body. Most importantly, in the context of anxiety, CBD helps regulate how the body responds to stress and controls the signals that are flashing when someone is in a heightened, anxious state of mind. If you don't want to try your hand with THC, consider reaching for high CBD cannabis the next time you're thinking about what strains make you relax. 

The Darkside of Cannabis 

Sure, we've just gone through and spoken about how incredible both THC and CBD can be on the mind and body. But, like everything, there is a downside to consuming THC that you may or may not have felt before. It is possible for your brain to be hit with too much THC, causing an oversaturation or overstimulation of your brain. This can result in some unpleasant side effects such as racing thoughts, increased heart rate, concentration issues, and paranoia. 

If you know that this can happen to you, either leave the cannabis for another time or keep reading for our tips on how to relieve the jitters responsibly! 

Consuming Marijuana Responsibly


1. Microdose Your Cannabis - You've probably read this several times, but it is the most effective way not to freak out when you consume cannabis. Microdosing can look like taking a few hits from the joint, only a nibble of that edible or just one rip from the bong. Starting slow and seeing how you feel after 15-20 minutes before consuming again can make all the difference. 

2. High CBD, Low THC Strains - Like we just touched on above, CBD can do wonders for anxiety and the nerves, so why not have it pack a punch in the pre-date joint? With a higher ratio of CBD to THC, you'll still have a pleasant buzz without all the freak out that can accompany the high. These are the type of strains to relax with!

3. Give Yourself a Buffer - If you want to consume your favorite herb before drinks and dinner with someone new, consider giving yourself plenty of time before the date. With time on your side, you'll see how you've reacted to the cannabis and can plan accordingly. 

What Strains Calm Anxiety?


If you can get your hands on this rare strain, you won't regret it. With a THC content of around 6% and CBD content soaring upwards of 15%, this strain with mysterious genetic origins will deliver a mild, cerebral buzz to help you tackle anything for your day ahead. Rich in terpenes like limonene and pinene, this citrusy and woodsy flavored strain will not only help keep anxiety at bay but will also ease swelling from chemo and radiation. 

Dutch Treat

Hailing from the coffee houses across Europe and especially Amsterdam, this 8% CBD strain is a welcomed treat, especially in the medical community. High in terpinolene and myrcene, this cross between Haze and Northern Lights will deliver a sense of relief throughout the body that will eventually reach the mind. 

Cherry Wine

High Grade Hemp Seed Co. knew what they were doing when they created this wonderful high-CBD strain. As a cross between The Wife and Charlotte's Cherries, you'll find a myrcene-rich terpene profile that offers aromas of sweet cherry and black pepper. With 17% CBD, this strain will relax the brain and muscles without the mind-bending effects. 

Suzy Q 

This 12% CBD strain delivers a piney taste to send your mind and body into deep relaxation somewhere in a lush forest. High in the terpene myrcene, this strain is great for daytime use to help combat chronic fatigue, pain, and nausea. Rolling up with Suzy Q will squash all the anxieties before your first date. The genetics of this strain are unknown.

Valentine X

This CBD strain, otherwise known as St. Valentine, was named after the patron saint of epilepsy. Coming in with a CBD:THC ratio of 25:1, this strain is high in myrcene and known for its healing properties, minimizing side effects from cancer and seizure disorders. As a variant of ACDC, this strain will even spark that creative flow for conversation starters.

How do you get rid of first date jitters? Do you consume cannabis? Tell us your best first date stories in the comments. 

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