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Protesters Demonstrate at Nevada County Board of Supervisors Meeting Over Marijuana Ordinance

News Posted Jul 26 2016

Nevada County turned down a cannabis growing ban in June only to have the County Board of Supervisors replace it with a growing restriction this week. The temporary ordinance allows up to 25 plants to be grown, but only for those with 20 or more acres. Residential grow restrictions will make it difficult for those who need it to supply their medicine. County staffers claim enviormental impact laws are forcing them to restrict grows and push to agricultural areas. Some families are concerned now they have to break the law to ensure their children recieve the necessary medicine. More public input will be taken before a permanent ordinance is put in place. 

The ordinance allows growing 25 plants but only if the property is 20 acres or more. Residential grows are allowed but only if your house is on at least 2 acres. Protesters say the restrictions make it impossible for most people to grow their needed medicine.

Forrest Hurd says his young son's life depends on medical marijuana treatments.

"Families have to break the law in order to save their child's life," said Hurd.

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