Seniors and marijuana

Seniors and marijuana

Published on 5/10/16

Propagranda from the 1900's has created a generation of (now) senior citizens who massively dissaprove of pot, but since states started legalizing medical marijuana, the truth is out, and more seniors are approving! After giving marijuana a try, many seniors find it to be agreat addition to their daily lives in the effort to beat aches, pains, and sleep. One California woman, Sue Taylor (68 years old) was a high school principal who preached the anti-drug routine for years. Now she finds herself speaking to communities of seniors about how marijuana could greatly benefit their lives, but Sue is not only an advocate, but also a daily user. Sue enjoys her cannabis gummies to help her sleep or relieve pain.

Kerry Stiles, 78, wears a pacemaker. And he discovered pot at the Rossmoor retirement community in Walnut Creek, across the bay from San Francisco. "I drop it under my tongue, about five or six drops, and that helps me sleep," Stiles said.

"The perception against legalizing marijuana [was], you know, historically in this state when we passed it, seniors were probably the most adamant against it. And if more are using it, then that probably is going to change.

So what are the kinds of things marijuana helps if you're a senior? "Number one is arthritis," Taylor said. "There are tinctures and rubs that you could actually put on your legs, on your knees, across your back, wherever you're having any arthritic pain. Most seniors use the cannabis for pain and to sleep.

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