Marijuana may help fight cancer

Marijuana may help fight cancer

Published on 7/17/18

It's been suggested before that cannabis can help treat cancer, and now the British Journal is discussing one specific cannabinoid found in cannabis that could possibly do just that. When exposed to the cannabinoid, phytocannabinoid, cancer cells have been shown to actually stop dividing and stop taking over other cells. While researchers aren't exactly sure how it works they're assuming the cannabinoid is blocking off the tumor's blood supply. By showing even the slightest suggestion that a compound in cannabis might be stopping cancer from spreading in patients is more than enough reason to want to continue studies of cannabis on cancer patients. 

The type of cannabinoid under examination, phytocannabinoid, has been shown to “stop cancer cells from dividing and invading normal tissue, and they may block the blood supply in tumors.”

Additionally, the review found that this weed compound may be able to “enhance the body’s immune response against the growth and spread of tumors.”

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