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Cannabis Consumers Want Hollywood To Abandon Marijuana Stereotypes

News Posted May 21 2018

Cannabis consumers are speaking up for their representation in movies and media as a new survey shows that a majority of cannabis consumers want Hollywood movie-makers to be done with the stereotypical "dumb stoner" and write in more realistic characters. Cheech and Chong was a humorous intro into characters who smoke cannabis, however the new study also found that 77% of cannabis consumers polled make over $75,000, meaning they likely have business professional jobs, families and extra spending money that can go towards movies, or if they continue to be represented as dumb stoners, to withhold their movie theaters. It's important to note that alcohol and tobacco are casually represented in many movies without the character automatically having a substance problem or character flaws. The average cannabis consumer wants to be represented on the big screen in a similar way.

Seventy-seven percent of the cannabis consumers polled in the latest survey earn a salary of more than $75,000 per year. These people are professionals, who not only have the discretionary income to buy cannabis products, but also to go the movies and pay the subscription fees for streaming services. So while it might be a lot more fun to show stoners and potheads getting ripped out their minds on weed and bungling their lives, a more accurate account of the cannabis culture would be better received.

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