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If you are having trouble finding a medical or recreational dispensary near you in Boston, you are in luck as there are many marijuana delivery services in the area. This allows you to have cannabis and cannabis infused products delivered right to your door in the comfort of your home.

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Frequent questions about marijuana delivery in Boston, MA

  • How much marijuana can I have delivered to me in Boston, Massachusetts?
    Adults 21 and older can order up to one ounce of marijuana or 5 grams of concentrated cannabis such as edibles or oil. Medical patients are allowed up to their 60 day supply limit which is typically 10 ounces.
  • What kinds of products do marijuana delivery services offer?
    Most delivery services offer a variety of different strains of cannabis ranging from sativa to indica to hybrids. You can also purchase things like gummies, brownies, oil/extracts, CBD only products and topicals.
  • How late are delivery services open in Boston?
    Typically, most delivery services will operate until at least 9:00 P.M. This does vary by business and location so it is always best to double check before purchasing.

Boston Weed Delivery Reviews

  • Has pretty good weed

  • Excellent place, folks, products, and deals. TripleM is the best!!!

  • Prices are high, though not outrageously so for a dispensary (you'll end up paying around $115 for 7g) but the staff is friendly and the flower is fantastic

  • I DESPISE this horrendous dispensary! Anywhere but this place, I swear,avoid like the plague!!!

  • I place my order online which makes it easier for me to find the strain I want. They're always bringing in new buds.

  • Over priced way to take advantage

  • 30 dollars a gram and up you can keep it i will stick to my guy and get it for far less fuck these guys and every Other store in Massachusetts they are all way over priced i was getting a half ounce in D.C. for 80 and an ounce of premium shake for 100 dollars delivered with where's weed

  • We were running low on edibles and used Happy Valley as an excuse to take a beautiful drive up the coast. Their facility is gorgeous and the selection - while limited - offered exactly the type of gummies and chocolate we were looking for. Their gummies were not the typical sticky cubes you find in lots of MA dispensaries, they were well-made and tasted GREAT, as did the dark chocolate.

    Happy Valley
  • They aren"t even open for business yet so how can it have 5.0 rating?

  • I love my dispensary trips to Patriottttza XR’sexe

  • Awsome product and serviceee

  • i agree with y'all. i recommend angelalynch2012(add on s.n.a.p.c.ha.t) for best deals on top quality meds.. he has it all

  • Sanctuary in Gardner is very good and they are very knowledgeable about their product

  • I love this website

  • Best variety of weed prices okay people great

  • Great

  • 0 stars I have spent a total of 8 hours in the last two days trying to connect. I have called the number and have been disconnected countless times. The website says I have a broken link. What's going on?

  • Love coming Here so much I even came on my wedding day after the ceremony! The staff/budtenders are always welcoming and even smiling underneath the mask. Med quality is great they are our local go to. My only suggestion is when they are packing pre-rolls to try and pack it tighter. The last time I go the pre rolls they were all loosely rolled so I had to fix it or it wouldn’t burn or smoke correctly . that doesn’t stop me from coming here. Highly recommended .

  • Fantastic people fantastic service!!

  • Garbage go to any other Lowell weed delivery service

  • Absolutely an incredible team. I buy med and rec in MA and just Theory, love their people and vibe, a cut above the rest.

  • How long does it usually take for an order to be confirmed? This is my first time ordering so I’m not to sure if I did this correctly. I tried to call but haven’t gotten a response yet.

  • Ever experience has been amazing, and the quality is great!

    Ganja Gala
  • Fast. And they communicated with me well that's as ll you can ask for.

  • Extremely quick and efficient. Good quality bud, and everyone seems pretty chill. Was a great first time purchase, looking forward to more! :)

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