Boston Marijuana Delivery

Frequent questions about marijuana delivery in Boston, MA

  • How much marijuana can I have delivered to me in Boston, Massachusetts?
    Adults 21 and older can order up to one ounce of marijuana or 5 grams of concentrated cannabis such as edibles or oil. Medical patients are allowed up to their 60 day supply limit which is typically 10 ounces.
  • What kinds of products do marijuana delivery services offer?
    Most delivery services offer a variety of different strains of cannabis ranging from sativa to indica to hybrids. You can also purchase things like gummies, brownies, oil/extracts, CBD only products and topicals.
  • How late are delivery services open in Boston?
    Typically, most delivery services will operate until at least 9:00 P.M. This does vary by business and location so it is always best to double check before purchasing.

Delivery Reviews in Boston, MA

  • They are on time very knowledgeable and reasonably price. !! They are the “best”

  • Ordered aroubd 730/8 was told delivery would be between 9 and 10, 10 came n went n they said 11 then 1130 then 12 n then they had to cancel? Terrible service and communication.. Last time all was a long wait but it came this time was just a nightmare

  • 1 order placed highly disappointed. The shatter is not shatter it is very thick oil. Ruins vape coils and 1/2 g per container and I had ordered 3 I got ripped off too. There are much better online delivery services than this.

  • Awesome delivery son and I order from here all the time such great quality!!

  • Be very careful, their vape cartridges and non-house edibles are FAKE. For example, liquid gold has put out a warning that a huge wave of fake carts has hit MA, they don't sell to any dispos in MA. TKO chocolates also does not sell in MA. Conveniently, the packaging for both of these companies is available for cheap on chinese sites like DHGate to make knockoffs easy... who knows what juice/distillate is filled in these products. This reflects very poorly on their other products, and has me questioning if their bud is even grown in accordance to safety standards for pesticides. Do yourself a favor and take an uber to garden remedies in Newton, they serve recreational customers... your health is NOT worth the convenience of delivery. Counterfeit THC vapes are a major health epidemic, and they are everywhere... Google the recent thc vaping illnesses that have put several in a coma and hospitalized hundreds, review wont let me link

  • Everything is great and they were extremely punctual and efficient! No reason to look anywhere else!

  • Hehe. Looks like the majority of people on here are right. This place totally sucks. They left me waiting up till 2 in the morning for what I was told would be a 45 minute delivery. They are extremeIy dishonest with their ETA's Could have made an order from a more reliable delivery service, but I wanted to try something new. Big mistake! The only good thing is that they are willing to deliver 1/8's and do not hold you to a half ounce minimum like highest shelf does, but what good does the cheap pricing do if they never show up?

  • At first they were great . now everytime i call them they blow me off. They made me wait for 3 hours 2 days in a row and both times never showed up. Sucks cause i like the product. Making people wait without even responding is beyond unprofessional!

  • They have the worst quality herb. It is mostly leaves, and what little flower that is included is not potent. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. Unless you like subpar herb. I spent $60 on something that had a street value of 10 bucks. DO NOT BUY FROM GARDEN REMEDIES. You have been warned.

  • My experience here was top notch and even though they did not have the exact product I requested they gave me their personal recommendation as well. They were great! Communicatewd well and even though they did

  • 1st time trying a delivery service (instead of “my guy”) I put in an order at another place and waited 3 hours with no response. Felt pretty bummed. Then, I found Boston’s Caregivers and decided to give it 1 more shot. They were awesome! Speedy service and speedy delivery, very competitive prices, no crazy fees! I would def recommend them, they’re legit.

  • So we had a little confusion on the delivery but they made good and then some the next morning. Great product, great driver (Emin) and very friendly. Will be my go to source for delivery. Worth giving them a shot to see for yourself.

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