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Gabriola Dispensary Reviews

  • VERY easygoing, free delivery, quality flower especially in the $20 1/8th range! Can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to deliver on very backed up days, but everyone is very quick and friendly! Absolutely reccommend

  • Shopped at this store several times while visiting Gabriola this summer and was really pleased with the quality of their products. Going to continue to support this business after I return to Ontario.

  • Loved the weed! I got God and girl scout cookies. Smoked well with white ash and smooth taste. Also I got about a half gram extra when I weighed the weed I got. Great service thanks guys! 😊

    Chronic Plus
  • This place has the best edibles I have ever eaten. Their are low end prices and high end flower prices which is great for everyone. Their Peanut butter cups and Nanaimo hole bars are out of this world Great customer service The best stuff

  • It's wonderful store with very helpful staff and a great vibe. I'm glad to see it doing so well, but stil waiting for my Customer Appreciation Toque, Don Johnston, Buttertubs Marsh.

  • Worst weed I've ever smoked. Unflushed garbage, leaves a chemical aftertaste due to the pesticides it was soaked in. Avoid at all cost. Never, ever trust a dispensary that would sell crap like this even once. Greedy c*nts.

  • I've been using them forever, despite not knowing what name they're called on day to the next. Great product, great service. Rumor said their weights were short so I did a check. Bought a $15 eighth of Pink Kush, a $20 eighth of Blueberry, the $10 early morning half gram of shatter (Black & Blue) and a $20 gram of shatter (Master Kush)! Each of them went on the scale and EVERYTHING was over!!! There goes that rumor! Got GrampaBear's roar of approval! You'll notice the only 4 rating I gave it was Location, only because they too have the problem of sooo many dispensaries; not wheelchair accessible!

  • west siiii eeed GOTTA LOVE THEM

  • Great atmosphere, Awsome service, a must to check out.

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