Dispensary Reviews in Kamloops, BC

  • Actually I enjoyed the staffs knowledge of the strains, the prices are the best in the Thompson Okanogan valley B.C. The owner is a awesome guy makes your experience quit amazing. Very friendly and always has the best quality strains I've tried.

  • This is my favorite cannabis store !! Great selection (too many to choose from lol), the staff is very friendly and they know about weed, which make the experience only greater ! Go check out this place if you are in Invermere !!

  • Not a friendly fair place

  • Management is shifty, does not provide receipts for medical patients. Follows a script that misleads many products. Poor people skills and insensitive to peoples with disabilities.

  • Very helpful and knowledgeable staff, felt very comfortable shopping there. Privacy is respected and appreciated.

  • This is a scam. They don't deliver. Email and phone are phony. Don't waste time or money, they screwed up enough sick people already.

  • Great help! lots of knowledge and very friendly. If your new with this stuff as well I would recommend coming here!

  • I was really not impressed with the service. I went in to let them know about issues I had with their pre rolled joints and got told it was my fault they didn't smoke right and they are all weighed so the small one i got was really full size.

  • It's wonderful store with very helpful staff and a great vibe. I'm glad to see it doing so well, but stil waiting for my Customer Appreciation Toque, Don Johnston, Buttertubs Marsh.

  • Absolutely loved this store, great and friendly service! Great variety

  • Knowledgable people and excellent products-- I highly recommend Herbal Health Center.

  • Love the people, they can answer ANY question you ask them! Try them!

  • Pretty nice store, pretty good selection, and their staff is just rad.

  • Great products and great service! They offer many free samples at The Weed Pharm! I will order from them again!

  • Top notch Budd and quick deliveries

  • SCAMMERS LIARS THIEVES! Tambi Fritz low life thief! $2000! TWO THOUSAND and 3 minutes prior to delivery sends message he wants more money to deliver! Total rip off! Blocked all communication so I'm blasting them everywhere I find this disgusting name!

  • company passes bad cheques

  • Frustrating to even find contact info.

  • It was easier and better to pay with e-transfer but the changes have lost my interest!

  • weed here is to harsh in the throat, over prices plus tax, and we have to buzzer to get in the door, takes longer

  • Worst weed I've ever smoked. Unflushed garbage, leaves a chemical aftertaste due to the pesticides it was soaked in. Avoid at all cost. Never, ever trust a dispensary that would sell crap like this even once. Greedy c*nts.

  • Awesome the best ever. Love you guys

  • THIS PLACE SUCKS. AT FIRST IT SEEMS AMAZING AND WITH TIME YOU WILL FIND OUT HOW AWFUL IT REALLY IS. First of all, if you're getting it in the mail sometimes it can take more than a week until you receive your order . Second and most importantly, the weed came and one of the 2 OUNCES was MOLDY. This was my third time ordering. I have had multiple attempts at contacting them and resolving this issue and NOTHING was done. BE CAREFUL. I watched the moldy weed i had ordered and what happened with it. It was taken down off the website and then a shatter magically " became available". Green rhino will send out GARBAGE products and then they WILL NOT do anything to rectify the problem. Thank you.

  • Great little location, already a tillray member i was in Kelowna and stumbled across this little place. Really clean friendly and great selections of flower!! next time i am in Kelowna I will stop in and shop again!! keep working hard all of you at TLC.

  • I've been using them forever, despite not knowing what name they're called on day to the next. Great product, great service. Rumor said their weights were short so I did a check. Bought a $15 eighth of Pink Kush, a $20 eighth of Blueberry, the $10 early morning half gram of shatter (Black & Blue) and a $20 gram of shatter (Master Kush)! Each of them went on the scale and EVERYTHING was over!!! There goes that rumor! Got GrampaBear's roar of approval! You'll notice the only 4 rating I gave it was Location, only because they too have the problem of sooo many dispensaries; not wheelchair accessible!

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