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Nanaimo Weed Delivery Reviews

  • I order all the time. There the only guys I order from! Great service, friendly deliveries, and great deals. But I lost the new contact number, and it hasn't been updated on here. I'm out, and I don't want to order from anyone else. 😢

  • VERY easygoing, free delivery, quality flower especially in the $20 1/8th range! Can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to deliver on very backed up days, but everyone is very quick and friendly! Absolutely reccommend

  • Shopped at this store several times while visiting Gabriola this summer and was really pleased with the quality of their products. Going to continue to support this business after I return to Ontario.

  • Loved the weed! I got God and girl scout cookies. Smoked well with white ash and smooth taste. Also I got about a half gram extra when I weighed the weed I got. Great service thanks guys! 😊

    Chronic Plus
  • It's wonderful store with very helpful staff and a great vibe. I'm glad to see it doing so well, but stil waiting for my Customer Appreciation Toque, Don Johnston, Buttertubs Marsh.

  • Worst weed I've ever smoked. Unflushed garbage, leaves a chemical aftertaste due to the pesticides it was soaked in. Avoid at all cost. Never, ever trust a dispensary that would sell crap like this even once. Greedy c*nts.

  • I've been using them forever, despite not knowing what name they're called on day to the next. Great product, great service. Rumor said their weights were short so I did a check. Bought a $15 eighth of Pink Kush, a $20 eighth of Blueberry, the $10 early morning half gram of shatter (Black & Blue) and a $20 gram of shatter (Master Kush)! Each of them went on the scale and EVERYTHING was over!!! There goes that rumor! Got GrampaBear's roar of approval! You'll notice the only 4 rating I gave it was Location, only because they too have the problem of sooo many dispensaries; not wheelchair accessible!

  • west siiii eeed GOTTA LOVE THEM

  • Great atmosphere, Awsome service, a must to check out.

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