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Free delivery anywhere in Surrey, South Surrey, Langley and Delta! All Photos are of actual product.(604)-396-3374 CALL or TEXT.

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    AWFUL! I asked for a Pure Pull reusable 1g indica vape pen & cart. Said they would be 50 min. told them I needed $5 change..They showed up an 1.5 hrs later, didn't have $5 on him, dug 4 change. I saw the package was kinda beat up. Got the cart on the battery - nothing. Should be fully charged. I texted the driver he said ya charge it. Used on other batt. cart didn't make much smoke, I didn't feel much but shrugged off. Next day the cartridge broke. replaced it, no prob, then the whole new one wouldn't work at all. I texted them 2day, their response & I quote "You have to pull on the pure Pull pen a little longer for it to ignite . Also the last time I swapped it out for you only returned the cartridge, not the whole thing" I forgot, I left it outside cuz I had 2 go out & they take forever. I'm a single mom, I can't afford $70 for nothing, asked 4 video proof of it not working, I sent it, told them I'd give a bad review if I didn't hear back, they left me on read, it's been 5.5 hrs. I just told them I left a bad review on weedmaps and how dare they steal from people, especially during covid!

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    I use marijuana for medical reasons. The rig I have to to smoke doesn’t work with the live resin as I cannot get it onto the stick and form it into the shape it needs to be to fit on my nail. Live resin is processed differently, has a different level of THC, and is a completely different concentrate than shatter, which you can hear and mould and then it hardens back up again. I ordered 12 grams from this company, every single pack of SHATTER I received was truly shatter except this one strain so. When I contacted this businesses show them, they were argumentative from the start, and tried to play me as a fool and tried to tell me that it was due to how I stored it (which I always keep my shatter in the fridge so that wouldn’t have even been an issue regardless) and they stated it was due to the temperature that “spoiled” my shatter, and he also stated the “only reason he knew this was because he left a batch of shatter out in the hot heat and it spoiled” finally after stating that I’m not stupid and know the process of making shatter vs live concentrate they brought me a new shatter and stated it would be the different even though it was the same strain. When I said what are you going to do for me if I open it and it’s nkt they never bothered responding to that; instead I got a cocky reply back stating that I can send a video of me opening it and it will not be the same. I videoed my boyfriend opening it and again, exactly the same! He then told me to put it in the fridge as it was just melted that’s about it! They are selling less quality product, stating it is shatter and doing nothing about their dishonesty and mistakes, and fact that they are selling a different product under a different name. Live resin and shatter are very different!! DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY DEAL WITH LOCAL LICENCES PRODUCERS !!!

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