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Vancouver Dispensary Reviews

  • Emotionally abusive management with sticks up their asses and nasty heavy fake lashes. They overcharge, opened late every day, and they are drama causing. Glad this place is forever shut down.

  • I love this place. Best deals. Best location. Best products. I hate prepackaged weed. Dried out. So much containers. I asked that store what do I do with all this plastic. 2oz. They like idk.

  • I was totally ripped off i always spent a lot of money there and they send me shatter taste like smoking hair or sucking on a fart and they won’t even stand by there product

    Canna Care
  • ROBBED & ASSAULTED!!! DO NOT USE CannaCareBC!!! This was more sketchy than EVER buying from the Black Market!! Their driver opened his door, forcefully hitting me and knocking me back. He jumped out and punched me in the face!!! He took off with the marijuana (which is medicinal) AND my money!!! CannaCareBC ==> CanUhNotCare!! I am still waiting for CannaCareBC to make amends. Last time they contacted me, the just showed up at my apartment trying to give my money back... Didn't bother contacting me before showing up. Didn't have any concern for my well being, after being attacked by THEIR EMPLOYEE!!! Just said "We have your money here." Knowing CannaCareBC they had planned to jump me when I got outside. "Here, come and get some money. Everything is safe." Police have been notified and a report has been started. Please, DO NOT LET this happen to YOU!! DO NOT USE CannaCareBC!!!!

  • Nice buisness

  • I order all the time. There the only guys I order from! Great service, friendly deliveries, and great deals. But I lost the new contact number, and it hasn't been updated on here. I'm out, and I don't want to order from anyone else. 😒

  • Good bud and friendly workers. They have this loyalty card thing to so that's pretty cool

    Drewberry reviewed BudEZ
  • Budez is the best! The bud is high quality, the delivery is fast, and the people are super friendly. I’ve tried other companies in the past but none of them have come close to Budez.

  • Great company to deal with. Ive used them for 2 years now and never had a single issue. Always on time and reliable product. Im on BudEz compassion program due to my disability and they always deliver to my door in a safe and respectful manner.

  • Bomb shitπŸπŸ¦ΎπŸ’©πŸ‘πŸΎ Super fast drivers

  • amazing shit! very polite πŸ”₯🧁🧁 cookies the BEST!!

  • Awesome service great prices and it’s gas ⛽️⛽️

  • Absolutely horrible customer service. The lady that answers the phone has always been nothing but rude and especially yesterday after THEIR mistake with a driver. Drivers are also very sketchy random people and most have trouble with simple cash math. Will never be ordering from them again.

  • Knowledgeable staff, great product and prices. Happy to find a reliable source in Abbotsford!

  • Placed an order and the driver was here in 30 mins! Friendly service and high quality product.

  • God bless Canadian weed. These guys rock

  • The best to your door store in Kamloops, BC. Quality products, discreet service, and awesome staff. They also own High Country Chase, BC, and High Country, Salmon Arm BC. Get the best F*** the rest...

    darrenl reviewed Cloud420
  • worst weed in BC

  • Honestly I was skeptical ordering online but SpeedGreens legit made one proud customer. The prices vs quality is unbeatable. I had a great plug with lots of variety and few oppertunities for “goodies”, that to me being in my area, made it almost like an “exclusive product”. The plug is gone so I ventured to SpeedGreens and let me tell you, BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!! The shipping across the country in 2 days during a pandemic…. My hats off to you! The quality is amazing, prices are very reasonable if not THE BEST I’ve ever seen. Plus the discounts and the points system. Genius. I have made 6 or 7 orders in not even a month and I am beyond happy. One could even say I love πŸ’˜ πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Seriously if you haven’t ordered yet. Do it!….. What are you still reading this for??? GO ORDER NOW!!!

  • This is the king of all buds. Fast and very efficient, so thank you, thank you very much!

  • AWFUL! I asked for a Pure Pull reusable 1g indica vape pen & cart. Said they would be 50 min. told them I needed $5 change..They showed up an 1.5 hrs later, didn't have $5 on him, dug 4 change. I saw the package was kinda beat up. Got the cart on the battery - nothing. Should be fully charged. I texted the driver he said ya charge it. Used on other batt. cart didn't make much smoke, I didn't feel much but shrugged off. Next day the cartridge broke. replaced it, no prob, then the whole new one wouldn't work at all. I texted them 2day, their response & I quote "You have to pull on the pure Pull pen a little longer for it to ignite . Also the last time I swapped it out for you only returned the cartridge, not the whole thing" I forgot, I left it outside cuz I had 2 go out & they take forever. I'm a single mom, I can't afford $70 for nothing, asked 4 video proof of it not working, I sent it, told them I'd give a bad review if I didn't hear back, they left me on read,

    Leanne K. reviewed Bud2Go
  • Great customer service, I place an order an 2pm I get it at 4pm. They respond very quickly which is really nice and let's you know when d driver is approaching. Driver is also really nice.

  • Hi i have buying from them for a while now, not to long. The delivery people are really nice and kind and offer great service, the bud is qreat quality not excxtremly best, but good quality for a fair price. Deffinitaly recommend them.

  • New name

  • I use marijuana for medical reasons. The rig I have to to smoke doesn’t work with the live resin as I cannot get it onto the stick and form it into the shape it needs to be to fit on my nail. Live resin is processed differently, has a different level of THC, and is a completely different concentrate than shatter, which you can hear and mould and then it hardens back up again. I ordered 12 grams from this company, every single pack of SHATTER I received was truly shatter except this one strain so. When I contacted this businesses show them, they were argumentative from the start, and tried to play me as a fool and tried to tell me that it was due to how I stored it (which I always keep my shatter in the fridge so that wouldn’t have even been an issue regardless) and they stated it was due to the temperature that “spoiled” my shatter, and he also stated the “only reason he knew this was because he left a batch of shatter out in the hot heat and it spoiled&rd

    Smokinp reviewed Bud2Go
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