Dillon Beach Marijuana Delivery

Delivery Reviews in Dillon Beach, CA

  • Sure it's a cool place, but the price of pot is ridiculous. They are just ike the pharmaceutical companies, caring more about money than anything else.... including those they claim they want to help. Dispensaries still claim some product is "pure indica" but most are not,they're hybrid. And yes that DOES matter.

  • Best wax and Live resin in the North Bay

  • One of the best customer service experiences I have had recently. They were very helpful and patient with our questions. Amazing selection! We have already been back once.

  • We've been coming here for about 6 years; I have only rarely had any problems with anyone there. (One of the managers was really mean, and I left in tears more than once, until I refused to deal with him anymore. I think he's gone now.) Definitely worth the trip; prices competitive; selection incredible.

  • Only place to get VERIETIES of grade A+++ in Sonoma County, easiest place to get to imo, and the staff is amazing. If you have a complaint on a product (for example a leak in my ~$60 vape pen cartridge), they can replace it no problem! The main manager tossed the old one I had a problem with in the garbage without worrying about company recompensation, all they want is for me to leave with a legit smile every time I visit and they have yet to disappoint me! Even after 8 years of being a loyal customer ( I do go to other clubs frequently, but I'm a very regular customer at Organnican and I have yet to have one bad experience there :) They have proven over and over again since I basically grew up with the company, being my first club I went to and all, that they are TRULY about the patient FIRST, then and only THEN do they worry about profit. It is truly one of the stores that has valued my opinion (and has shone that they do) over and over again. I rarely do reviews but I LOVE this com

  • I came in about a week ago and everyone was so nice they were very helpful :)

  • Amazing place

  • People pay attention: This dispencery is the BEST. Great special individual personalized service that resembles a 5 star restaurant. I feel great buying here. The selection is like basken robbins ice cream and the selection is plenty., But most important is the world class service, I feel like I am in Monte Carlo the service is that top notch. People pay attention get more value here! BUT from here - Feel wanted and feel special only if you come here, you'll see the difference., I am right!!

  • Mercy is a well run dispensary and I'm surprised there is no other review for them. The location is easy to find, just across from Lowe's on Redwood Drive. Everything is prepacked and some nice samples are shown in the display cases. Budtenders are really great here and the edibles I'd tried were really, really good. Try the chocolate covered twinkie if you go. Meds were usually pretty good, sometimes better than others. But typically the good vs. the best was also reflected in price. The F.I. lived up to its name. They get a pretty good selection rotating so you'll get new strains from time to time. If it's your local shop, I don't know why you'd go elsewhere as I used to make the long haul from North Bay to see them.

  • I've been all around the world and the strains at Sonoma Medicinal Herbs are of similar quality to what you find in Amsterdam. I've never found a suspect piece of moldy bud ever and have been going here for over 2 years. I'm sure if I did it would not only be replaced but they'd compensate me as well for my travels. I drive from San Francisco up here and will only get my medicine here!

  • As far as im concerned I will always go back to this place considering that the people the others are talking about are no longer there. Eric is the best. and has worked very hard at keeping his regular patients supplied with what they need. Please support this place and the new staff we all have a long ride ahead of us. so try not to bash this place of healing . peace good luck SMH hope it works out for all of you!

  • when i walked i was greeted by a friendly knowledgeable staff, which was nice compared to some clubs. the medicine is quality, but you pay a pretty penny of course. i also liked the pre-roll friday idea and the discount. another dispensary i go to does the same. you need to start 25 dollar 8ths of good outdoor though. the outs are kinda iffy... but good. overall was a pretty good experience.

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