Kingsburg Weed Delivery Reviews

  • Fucken wack!!!! Their “top shelf” Mochi Came indoor tasted like shit and was HELLA old, dry, and brittle. It literally turned to dust with breaking-it-up with one finger. Can’t believe I spent $175 on an OZ. Horrible customer service!!! Never EVER buying again. This place sucks mokey balls!!!

  • Ridiculous I was there today 4-20-2020 waited in a ridiculously long line an hour only to get to the front with my doctor's recommendation which has a copy of my license on it only to be told I could not go in they could lose there license then the security guard tells me I can have the guy behind me purchase for me that's just plain ignorant you can have someone buy something for someone who cannot go in and that's ok for there licensing but not to let me in with my doctor's rec which has my ID on it I will never bring my business here or reccommend it to anyone

  • The budtenders are very kind, including the security. The environment is very clean and friendly. I am Deaf customer, they always happy to answer questions for me on paper! Very helpful and love these people in there!

  • Love this place and Vanessa is awesome

  • Really enjoyed my first experience with them wasn’t rushed out like most places budtenders Were very welcoming Will definitely be back

  • How you get the number for this place, won't come up

  • Worst customer service I have ever experienced.

  • I'm New....🤓....I'm looking for a topical oil or cream that helps with Arthritis....I want Good Quality that works.......I'm 57 yrs old.

  • Trying to see a menu/ number..need help

  • Staff is very helpful and pleasant

  • Always friendly and professional a day have a great variety to choose from as far as herb,wax,edibles,and drops.....HIGHLY RECOMENDED!

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