La Verne Marijuana Delivery

Delivery Reviews in La Verne, CA

  • Please be aware that Michael Perez, who is listed as President of this outfit, advocates revolution and violence against liberals on his FB page.

  • Service was horrible. They totally forgot about me. It took over 2 1/2 hours.

  • Neglected

  • Looks like the budtenders suck 13 reviews and 30% that is sad. this why I won't go back, poor service from girls here.

  • Rude !!! No loyalty to regular customers.. I saw post on weesmaps...moto420 go way burned....well I also was wayyyyyy shorted I told them but was blown off..glad know I not only one. !!!..wonder if same girl? I like the staff but will never return, due to Lack of respect from one of the employees!!!! I no longer recommend or suport this place.

  • I don't understand the bad reviews for this place. They always deliver within an hour and when I call in, they always recommend deals more bomb than I was intending to purchase. Also, last time I ordered, they brought a coupon to get my license renewal for only $25! Love this place.

  • really bad service amount was not as expected. Will not use it ever.

  • I just received a delivery from Purple Dot and everything was super smooth. I got the FTP deal, got a 8th of Green Crack for $30 and got 2 free pre-rolls like the deal said. Meds are dank, Green Crack has great flavor and was sticky. Haven't tried the pre-roll yet, but it looks and smells like top-shelf nugs so overall Im pretty happy right now. My new go-to delivery service, thanks guys.

  • I recommend this place to all.

  • Yet another of quite a few awesome delivery's.I just want to thank you for this service. I really do not like looking for a collective because more than half of them I have been to seem shady. Gold Star is amazing always accommodating and available to me. The owner is personable and pretty damn cool. I like to have Gary deliver to me he always offers me an awesome selection and I feel so comfortable with him.. I am a nervous person by nature.. even with some people I know, with Gary I am relaxed. I have recommended Gold Star to people and I brag about how greet the service is and I tell people to ask for Gary to deliver to them. Thank you everyone at Gold Star your service makes life easier for me.Also just F.Y.I. I am a 51 yr old woman. P. Heaps

  • over price little nugs drying out turning to shake had nothing thats on weres weed .com

  • Called at 3:58pm, excited that their website says they're open till 930pm only to be disappointed that their driver was already on deliveries and could not, again at 3:58pm, deliver for the rest of the night. What kind of service that stays open till 930pm can not make any additional deliveries at 3:58pm? This place. Don't waste your time calling. Also, the gentleman who answered the phone was rude.

  • If you not home for a dilivery you slide the first time, then you get charged after that. When they get ther late... all you get is,"yeah!, he is 5 mins away!" then he calls nd says."yeah im 5 mins away" 5 mins after the other person already told u they were 5 mins away! SO its 10 mins now! nd all u get is a ,"yeah, im sorry" they are potheads nd lagg on you! Not profetional! What so ever! they are cool people but not good at ther jobs... NOT good weed for the price: GREAT HASH tho...

  • if you like gut rot from the edibles, a crazy tweeked out delivery person and paying 3X as much for crappy weed give ol bear and stacie a ring. trust me just like the rest of the town you will regret ever doing business with them.

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