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  • Ashes is a friendly and helpful dispensary if your in need of good medicine (tree), good strains, tasty nuggets, some Vapes (cannabis oil), got a lounge where you can chill and partake of your medicinal herbs.!!Friendly staff and the owners from what I gather truly care about their patients ... I'm out of Acton, CA and have been to many dispensaries all over southern California and you get a good feeling when you leave Ashes instead of feeling like just another number in line... Plus when you go to Lake Isabella or kayaking and fishing down the Kern or rock climbing the Kern Slabs or The Needles and you need meds... it's right there!!!! No travel to San Bernardino or Los Angeles ... Been coming up to Kern River since 1998' been waiting for this for years to come!! Thanks Ashes... TJ OSWELL .,..

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