Redcrest Dispensary Reviews

  • If u wanna be ripped off this 8s company for you. They dont stand behind product. Rude customer service. Says top shelf by Zente but u get mostly stems and smalls. Quality is not something they know and it shows with the growers and clowns working for them. Fuck zente farms dont waste your cash.

  • Love this owner..awsome deals..

  • Always good deals and fire at this spot.....

  • Great Variety of products. Trust if you want it they have it. The Budtenders know there product. I had been there several times and I continue to learn something from the Budtenders. Not to mention all the smiling faces make that much more enjoyable.

  • I’ve ordered from John , working on 2 years now..... I’ve never been disappointed I made a mistake ordered the wrong medicine . John immediately dispatched replacement bud. I wound up getting a better quality of weed than I should have for the price... “”No problem ,man.....”” He made sure I was happy after I fuc... it up! Not too many peeps do that for ya, “”Know what I mean ?”” Fade u later...

    Love Bud
    Mark H. reviewed Love Bud
  • I love the fact when your finished and go to checkout there's NO hidden fees! Unlike other delivery service's out there the prices are very fair and the staff are helpful and friendly. Delivery are always on time. I recommend this shop and delivery service to anyone who wants a great deal and great service.

  • The best budds around...There pretty accurate on the time they say for delivery,if there is ever an issue the driver will call u.. u can either call or text.. I like to text cause I'm usually multitasking cause I'm a stay at hm mom doing 50 million other things.. an when looking at menu and ur looking at the pic of the buds helps u make better decision... QUALITY....Love that they are delivery service very convenient..

    Love Bud
  • New owner's...better quality hands down..give them a try and u won't be disappointed

  • They are a scam selling sub par ,dry, stemmy, seedy, low non tested fake lables on fake farms, weed.

  • Never by diamonds from them they put Vicks vapor rub in it I can't smoke that shit I've smoke smoke diamonds allot and never smelted like vapor rub

  • Amazing people amazing quality amazing place in general quick in and out

  • very professional and nice.

  • Do you guys deliver to Wilmington California

    The Circle
  • Just moved to Hemet and looking for a delivery place. Found this one online and I can't get ahold of anyone and they don't answer text. Did they close?

  • They yake forever to deliver i had yo cancel my order due to the long wait

  • There good

    Jet Room
  • First I must apologize for not getting ur name but u had eyelashes big ones lol. U have been my bud tender before and knew what was what. U have knowledge beyond ur age. I bought the Hasidic grapes again the guudee this is sweet right up till u exhale then it’s on. Very nice u da bomb. Thank u 🙏 again this place is the go to for top top I mean u gotta take an elevator to this top. Again thank u 🙏. Peace and much love. Oh ya the lashes bomb look 👀

  • I like it it’s near my house convenient. They have great prices and premium flour, oils, cartridges etc. Everything is clean people. Besides the questions about different strains it’s kind of like going into a convenience store to get what you need and leave. Very professional and I feel safe while going there. Always busy if you have to wait it’s well worth it And the line moves quickly.

    Charleen reviewed PACKS
  • Terrible ass weed and service. Literally would rather smoke grass.

  • I love my favorite dispensary and loved how they are out going friendly staffers. Delivery was so fantastic with them. I pout they aren't going to be open to the public and I love this place so much. It won't be the same. Rehab you guys are amazing people and I won't forget you all.

  • Very polite and never have to wait Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Thank you 20 cap

  • I placed a weedmaps order and total was $19.90, when i got there they wanted $25!!! WTH?! I kept asking why?! Kep showing my WEEDMAPS RECEIPT but they just kept saying well idk idk but this is our total, we charge BAG FEE of $5?! Are you serious?! They charge an extra 10-15% on top of weedmap price and tax! That's not cool, if you are scamming people $5 for bag then PUT IT IN THE WEEDMAPS SO PEOPLE KNOW WHAT A POS you are. OLD HIPPY dude is pos for not honoring the weedmaps price that i showed on my receipt.

    Lytt, LLC
  • Dank weed speedy delivery will be ordering again

  • My experience with this company with a $100 dollar order. The eighth of weed i purchased is mediyorker good very little crystal content . the weed i recieved was on par with $10 a gram stuff from the valley Iam very disappointed in the live resin pre packaged gram i bought it came to me all dry and brittle old product this company should have sold for $20 a gram at discount a long time ago.

  • Very good

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