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Located just 15 minutes from Bakersfield, Rosedale has a lot to offer those who take the time to stop in and visit. Great for those who love history for educators thanks to landmarks like Shafter Research Station, Gross, Courtlandt, House, and Green Hotel, the outdoors landmarks like Pin Oak, Campus, or Westwood Park, and the vast array of libraries to dig into a great book, there’s a little bit of something for everyone in Rosedale, California! 

This Southern California town of only about 14,000 has the highest household income in all of Kern county, meaning its residents likely have a bit of spending money to pick up some top-notch California-grown cannabis flower from their local dispensary! After all, it’s not exactly a secret that the West Coast is the best coast for cannabis, right? 

It might surprise visitors, however, that Rosedale doesn’t allow recreational cannabis dispensaries in town. Instead, they opted for a different cultivation approach mainly directed toward home growing and medical cannabis users!

Although California is well-known as a legal cannabis hub, one of the OGs for legal weed here in the U.S., there are many places in The Golden State where recreational cannabis sales aren’t happening. That’s because California left it up to each city to choose whether or not they would allow recreational cannabis use and dispensaries to operate in their town. Rosedale is one of the places that voted to leave recreational dispensaries and use on the sidelines. Instead, they’ve taken a much more personal approach. 

But just because there are no recreational dispensaries and businesses in Rosedale doesn’t mean there’s not still a thriving cannabis culture in town! It’s just a matter of how and where that cannabis comes. Since California has no possession limits, you’ll have no issues stocking up from your supply of homegrown cannabis flower and grabbing edibles, concentrates, vapes, battery-operated carts, and much more at the medical dispensary!


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