Delivery Reviews in Florence, CO

  • Amazing customer service...all my questions were answered and I wasn't pushed was an amazing experience...I highly recommend this dispensary

  • Great Prices Friendly Staff Will Visit Again

  • I must say the costumer service is well as the there products

  • Cheapest concentrates in town. It's the only place I go..

  • Girl named Casey has a problem with Vets and stated "were tired of Vets coming in and getting the 11¢ Vet preroll everyday single day and not having the 11¢" I said that's why they have a donation jar she says " were talking about taking that out" This conversation was brought on by the fact that she made me go to my car to get 1¢. She says otherwise her drawer would be short I said that's why I give my Penny's to the Donation jar in case someone needs it. I'm a Vet I was buying more than the Vet preroll as I usually do, but after that I will not be back to this place I don't care if they are giving it away for free.

  • I love this Place Friendly Staff and great specials daily! And there are small buds in the Shake!

  • Everyone has a great attitude, and are extremely helpful. Always my go to spot!

  • overheard the staff say they were gonna leave fake positive review's.

  • This is what happenedI was sitting on there couch waiting to be seen when a fellow customer sits next to me and states that there is a guy outside the building who is a violent sexual offender,the the guy that is sitting on the opposite couch stated how much he hates those types ......i agree with him at this point..........he talks about what he would to him....i still agree then..... he talks about how he used to be a enforcer for gang that would knock on someones door if he had wondering why this guy that is so OUTSPOKEN yet he will not deal with this violent sexual offender who is right outside the building and he even know's the hotel the sexual offender is staying at...........this guy then starts saying how he cant do anything because it would be considering a hate crime (i think he said that because he knew i was starting to question his chracter/motive and i bet he talked about me after i left the room)........the counter girl did not like this and has started to s

  • Great quality weed , nice variety hookup delivery of buds hit 608-218-3203

  • Best bud and budtenders good prices and lots of options great location!!

  • I was very pleased with the budtenders and the bud I would recommend Maggie's farm to all my buddies

  • As an awesome and friendly very knowledgeable dispensarie to obtain your meds.

  • Knowledgeable,and friendly. I would recommend this dispensary to my friends

  • Best in pueblowest by far for buds and help with questions


  • The dispensary is no longer at this location

  • The staff is Super professional. The quality of bud was Awesome! The staff is also very knowledgeable about the products they offer! Two thumbs way up!

  • I think this was in 2011, does this site get updated? never got to taste anything.

  • Was not the best experience the meds were weak, the prices were high. Service was nice enough, just not worth the drive for me.

  • last I heard it was closed... last year..

  • The variety was excellent and quality was outstanding. This is a wonderful shop full of surprises ... lots of different edibles and accessories. One stop shop! Picked up some outstanding meds for a decent price, customer satisfaction guarenteed. Budtender is fully aware of her business and product, very reassuring. Buds are fantastic, nothing but the best here. Customer for life!

  • I had heard from some friends that if I was looking for quality medication and knowlege I should go to Alternative Medical Remidies! He was right, I was amazed with the flowers, quality, and care given to the customers! I have found my new care giver and dispancery! Thank you to the staff of Alternative Medical Remidies, you have me as a customer!!!!

  • i have been going there for a while until today the wait was fuckin unreal! in the waiting room for 20 min with 5 people in front of me waiting to go if you want to spend 2 hours getting your medicine go here. As FOR ME IM TAKING MY MONEY ELSEWHERE!!!!!!! PLUS THE WEED IS NOTHING. its average at best and thats being nice lost my bussines forever!

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