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Glenwood Springs Dispensary Reviews

  • I’ve been to a loooot of dispensaries and honestly this has to be one of the nicest that I’ve visited. The set-up is almost like a Sephora store. Everything is really beautifully displayed and separated into its own ‘dept’ (edibles, wax, flower, etc). You’re free to browse around and look at the products you may have been curious about, up-close. The bud tenders are on the floor and super helpful & friendly to answer whatever questions you may have and pull your wanted products, when YOU’re ready. I seriously wonder why all shops aren’t like this. Seriously very professional, no old crusty mason jars full of bud and being rushed for the next customer. Staff was beyond wonderful.

  • I really like this dispensary. I can get excellent quality bud at a fair and reasonable price. The staff has always been friendly and helpful.

  • Great service and product. Worth the stop if nearby.

  • Went in here asking for the nearest Med Dispensary because I wasn't of age to buy from this rec shop and they emediatly started being rude to me and raising thier voice at me telling me to just get out they didn't show any respect towards my misleading and wanting of information witch I'm sure they should be on top of their game with. Rude people and rude manager especially. Do not recommend buying here, unless you want your mood to be spoiled.

  • Excellent. Doctor's office atmosphere, well stocked, knowledgable friendly staff

  • Great product. Probably the best I've seen in the valley. I went in on "Shatterday" for the $25 concentrates thinking it would be something cheap. Not so. These guys are selling Mahatma for $25 a gram. Awesome!

  • I thought it was a great to stop in and make a purchase in a nice and clean business. I enjoyed my experience and will frequent them often. Thanks Green Cross!

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