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Known as one of the largest suburbs of Denver, Lakewood is a great hangout for both locals and visitors alike. The city’s downtown Belmar is a commercial retail haven, complete with shops, restaurants and pedestrian-friendly spots for anyone to hang out. Along with some of the best views of the Rocky Mountain foothills, Lakewood is one of the top places for outdoor activity enthusiasts. There’s fun for everyone at Bear Creek Lake Park which features fishing, dirt biking and hiking trails. Mountain lovers can visit Hayden Park on Green Mountain for a great workout and scenic mountain views. Finally, those who love culture can learn at the Lakewood Heritage Center or see the town’s public art installations and galleries in the West Colfax Corridor. 

Even though Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in 2014, the city of Lakewood has taken its time with marijuana. In 2010 the city finally began to allow medical marijuana dispensaries, and finally passed a recreational marijuana sales ordinance in the 2020 Election. Due to this, many of Lakewood’s recreational weed laws are still up in the air. No matter what the Lakewood City Council decides, we know this for sure: adults over the age of 21 can legally purchase up to one ounce of marijuana flower or concentrates. Using marijuana in public is illegal and should only consume on private property with the owner’s permission. Additionally, driving and consuming marijuana is illegal and subject to DUI charges under Colorado law. 

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Frequent questions about marijuana in Lakewood, CO

  • Is marijuana legal in Lakewood?

    Yes, marijuana is legal in Lakewood! As long as you’re an adult over the age of 21, you can legally consume recreational cannabis. Otherwise, a valid MMJ card is required.


  • Can I grow cannabis in Lakewood, Colorado?

    Adults 21+ are allowed to cultivate up to six plants on private, residential property. No more than three plants may be mature at any given time. No one under 21+ may be allowed to enter the cultivation area, and if anyone under 21 lives in the residence, the cultivation area must be enclosed and locked. No more than 12 plants can be grown in a single residence, regardless of how many adults over 21 live there.

  • Where can I buy marijuana in Lakewood?

    You can legally purchase marijuana from any licensed dispensary in Lakewood, but the city just recently began providing permits. Check our Where’s Weed dispensary locator to find the dispensary nearest you!


  • Is it legal to smoke weed in Lakewood?

    It is only legal to smoke weed on private property in Lakewood, so make sure you’re not in public before you spark up. If staying in a hotel or Airbnb, you must check with the property owner or manager before smoking.


  • Is weed delivery available in Lakewood?

    Weed delivery is currently only available for medical marijuana patients in Lakewood, but will likely be available once the City Council determines new recreational marijuana ordinances. Check out our Where’s Weed delivery service locator to find your nearest dispensary.


  • Can I order my marijuana online for pick-up in Lakewood?

    Online ordering for marijuana is available in Lakewood! Check out our Where’s Weed lispensary locator to find out more. 


Lakewood Dispensary Reviews

  • Place is my go to in Denver

  • It was a great experience. Alyssa was very helpful and answered all my questions. I went with Wana Gummies which are great. Work great and taste good. Love love love them.

  • Absolutely amazing experience!

  • Garbage Flower full of seeds and sticks, purposely hide this from you by preventing you from examining it and by placing it in dark containers to make it hard to see that it's really some ditch weed they stuck in a container.

  • Great place know there stuff Tanya was so very helpful

  • Offered a special on MED mix and match pre-rolls at 10 for $19+tax. When I attempted to place my order over the phone, before mentioning the deal, I was told by the bud tender that they didn’t have any MED pre-rolls but they had the same exact pre-rolls on the REC side. I then asked about the deal and was told that in switching to REC the deal was off, but I could get 8 for $31, but it was an 8 pack of the same, not strain specific, rolls. Or I could mix and match strain specific rolls at 5 for $31. Not to mention that by switching me from MED to REC my tax rate went from 8% to 28%. For the SAME EXACT rolls, which was confirmed by the owner and by whomever answers their emails. Every other dispensary I’ve been to has substituted product and matched the price. For example, one dispo offered 8g Kush Masters mix and match wax/shatter for $100 otd but didn’t have that brand, so instead honored the price with alternative brands. Instead I was offered an up-charge on what I

  • Good blah blah blah

  • Low grade marijiuana. Moldy marijiuana. Life's too short for bad bud!

  • Sucka

  • Hey guys, download and add gbelty19 this dude has the best top shelf and he can do home delivery

  • best experience here. great people and product.

  • The prices brought me in but the quality will bring me back! Ordered online and it was ready for pick up with in 10 mins

  • Wouldn’t recommend kind love anymore. Today (10/20/20) they posted a promotion and for the second time this week they did not honor it. It’s false advertising and illegal what kind love is doing. Since this was the SECOND time this week it happened I asked to speak with the manager, Andy. Andy was apathetic to my situation. The worst customer service I’ve ever had. Which is a shame because I’ve been going to kind love for over 10 years! Andy even acknowledged how long I’ve been a member and still was rude and literally walked away from me without any resolution I’m am currently so upset I’m speaking with the federal trade commission to make sure kind love could no longer post false advertisements. They have informed me that David Spitz (the owner) and Idan Spitz (COO) are conducting fraud. I have attached photos of this weeks false advertisements.

    Kind Love
    Mup222 reviewed Kind Love
  • Great experience, very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend!

  • Best budtenders in Boulder!

  • My BudTender, Jessa was very sweet and EXTREMELY knowledgeable! Green Solution has top quality cannabis products. High Priced! But you get what you pay for!! Not Medical.

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  • **WARNING PLEASE BE ADVISED** I have to share my RACIST and DOMINANTED experience I had today at "Local Product of Colorado Recreational." I've visited this shop twice before with similarities. First visit I was given a 8th of shake in a ounce. **Please be advised** your once flower will be broke down separately into 8ths. I left a review about my concern and dislike about the shortage. A manager contacted me and said I can receive a discount on my next visit. On my next visit it happen again. Still short of the 10% discount they posted on weed maps as compensation but yet again Nope. On my 3rd try I decided to work with the manager to ensure a great experience. The manager decided to engage in a agreement because he previously got in trouble for saving flower for me that I didn't pick up. Im sure he "Iris" smoke to much of his own product because he recommended putting this ounce to the side the day I complain. Tree $? If he got in trouble I had nothing to do with

  • This place is great! The people are wonderful and the prices competitive. I want to work there!

  • Love this place great prices

  • Wonderful staff very nice polite knowledgeable

  • Top quality indoor and outdoor Gad real loud snap-chat—-mackokush

  • Totally AWESOME

  • Was the strangest and most unpleasant experience at a dispensary, and I’ve been to dispensaries all over CO. Took 30 min. to buy one gram. Person helping me must of been inebriated because he couldn’t give me any info. On the products that made since. all flower is pre packaged. Also, didn’t have the strain I came for that was listed online.

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