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Detroit is an industrial heavyweight that has seen a lot of change over the last few decades, but it’s a beautiful city that’s beginning to see new growth and revitalization. Still known as Motor City, Detroit’s history is flush with mid-century innovation, genre-defining Motown music, automobile empires, and a unique culture surrounding the northern city’s industry and status. It’s located right off Lake St. Clair, which feeds directly into Lake Erie, and is on the northern US border, only a few hours away from Toronto, Canada. Detroit is packed with things to do, from museums and sporting venues to brew tours and dozens of gorgeous parks – this is a city worth being a part of. 

Within the sprawling urban jungle of Detroit, you’ll also find amazing food, plenty of microbreweries, stellar coffee shops, and plenty of medical marijuana dispensaries. Detroit’s medical dispensaries are usually open from 9 AM to 9 PM and offer a wide variety of products. Michigan legalized recreational marijuana in November 2018, but Detroit is one of many cities within Michigan that still bans the sale of adult-use weed. 2020 has seen a pivot in city officials’ disposition toward recreational weed, however, with many calling to allow the sale of adult-use weed for the economic impact it will have. Although you may not purchase adult-use marijuana in the city itself, there are many dispensaries in the greater metro area to take advantage of. Check back in to catch updates on Detroit’s recreational marijuana policy – we’re hopeful that it will soon change.

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