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Auburn is one of the beautiful cities fortunate enough to reside in Maine’s Lakes and Mountains region. This quaint, memorable city shares the Androscoggin River with its sister city, Lewiston, making up the area locals call “The Twin Cities.” If you find yourself in Auburn come winter, nearby skiing and cozy local coffee shops set the perfect snowy scene. Any other season and you’ll have countless parks, lakes, and trails to explore, shopping centers to peruse, and outdoor patios with delicious local food and beer to experience. Additionally, Portland is less than an hour south, which means you’re never too far away from Maine’s biggest cultural hub.
While Maine initially legalized recreational marijuana back in 2016, it has been slow to provide businesses with the permits needed to open adult-use stores. Auburn was, fortunately, one of the few cities within Maine to open a recreational dispensary on October 9, 2020. Six adult-use dispensaries were opened state-wide in 2020, and Green Cures LLC in Auburn happened to be one of them. It is open from 7AM to 10PM, like most of the city’s medical dispensaries, and it offers a wide variety of products. Maine may have been slow to allow permits to recreational dispensaries, but allow for dispensaries to offer delivery services and longer hours of operation. Please note that marijuana is legal and readily available in Auburn, but it is still illegal to smoke in public or to drive while under the influence. 

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