Dispensary Reviews in Bangor, ME

  • the small shop was warm and inviting. super friendly budtenders that made my first visit very comfortable also very impressed with their quality and they make there own extracts. A pharmacist runs there lab. my favorite place!

  • Great location Great Products ! Definitely coming back

  • Easily the least professional dispensary in the region. Was nice when first open, less so as time went on. Last visit, bought 100 bucks of glass and the guy selling was worthless.

  • poor experience ordering online. I used to frequent this establishment, however I no longer will be going here. product is sometimes dry. also edibles are overpriced, and concentrates and Vapes are subpar to competitors. their online ordering system has multiple issues leading to my driving in for nothing. it seems they have a technologically savvy marketing but lack in their ability to process online orders effectively. I do like the points system that they have however I no longer can recommend this establishment due to their inability to effectively resolve their error. Does anyone have The Wellness Connections site terms of use? seems the have a bad link on their site and staff refuse to provide. ofcourse I request to review them and all tge sudden they are in accessable.

  • Horrifying. Will NOT call again!

  • Great people and product

  • Drove from Virginia for a wedding and needed a med refill! Amazing stands and prices!

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