Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Berwick

Dispensary Reviews in Berwick, ME

  • Top notch!! The best service and products around , it gets no better !!!

  • Polite and professional, not to mention the captains cake is pretty awesome πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  • Phenomenal, these guys were my first time on this site and I can say I was definitely impressed. The driver was very knowledgeable and made it easy for me to get my medicine, You guys totally have a new customer and I would absolutely recommend!!

  • GSC is fire

  • Best flower around these parts

  • High-quality meds and a family environment. Everyone is so knowledgable and warm - you never want to leave. They have the best products and apparently get everything tested. They really seem to care about their patients and helping them get the best/right medicine. So glad I found them!

  • the small shop was warm and inviting. super friendly budtenders that made my first visit very comfortable also very impressed with their quality and they make there own extracts. A pharmacist runs there lab. my favorite place!

  • Awesome

  • Very knowledgeable, sense of humor. Very respectable. I would recommend EVERYONE goes there. **********stars

  • Tumbleweeds is by far the best dispensary I've ever been too. Truly an amazing establishment.

  • I found this business very educational. And professional. I recommend folks that find they can have a better quality of life to spread their wings.

  • AAA ... awesome Maine cannabis place ...those guys know good weed ...full product line ....honest DA place πŸ˜‡nick surf

  • There great super convenient great product and even better customer service.... Love it!!!!

  • Great location Great Products ! Definitely coming back

  • I think this business is wonderful and I would recommend their products to everyone to enhance the enjoyment of their life

  • I’ve been to a handful of dispensaries in Maine. Never have I seen a business rob people of their money like this. $30 for 100mg edible and $50 for tincture. For about a 25 minute drive you can go to sweet relief in Northport and get a 300mg candy bar for $20. Better quality as well. Then if you want to put 20 in gas in your vehicle I recommend driving to Ellsworth. $20 kief brownies that can be around 5-8 doses. Or better tincture for $20 less. Clearly patients are not as important as their income. Never go to this place. Go anywhere but here. Also their oil carts are poorly filled.

  • This place ive been once lil shady but i got some flower at a good price!! Just not much of a selection for flower!! This is the only issue i had!! What they had was very good though!!Ya gotta have variety!! It's very imp!!

  • Easily the least professional dispensary in the region. Was nice when first open, less so as time went on. Last visit, bought 100 bucks of glass and the guy selling was worthless.

  • Great products and wonderful staff

  • poor experience ordering online. I used to frequent this establishment, however I no longer will be going here. product is sometimes dry. also edibles are overpriced, and concentrates and Vapes are subpar to competitors. their online ordering system has multiple issues leading to my driving in for nothing. it seems they have a technologically savvy marketing but lack in their ability to process online orders effectively. I do like the points system that they have however I no longer can recommend this establishment due to their inability to effectively resolve their error. Does anyone have The Wellness Connections site terms of use? seems the have a bad link on their site and staff refuse to provide. ofcourse I request to review them and all tge sudden they are in accessable.

  • Amazing selection and owner Frankie was incredibly knowledgeable!! By far the best dispensary on the east coast!

    Puffin Co
  • My name is David I’m from Raymond and I’m lucky to be able to travel and try almost all the dispensary spots and this spot made my top 3 today!! The price of 45 a 1/4 for flower that other shops would charge 80-90 a 1/4 and call it there premium line. No games with pricing here just straight across 25-45....... I completely recommend this Grass Monkey!!

  • Friendly staff answered all my questions. Love that their flower is truly organic.

  • Love these guys great people real and competitive pricing good experience thumbs up for this place βœŒπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  • Been using these guys exclusively ever since I tried them. Super friendly and always on time

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