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He taught the rest, now try his best! Jacob picked up the nickname Sensi Sensei along the way in his career in Maine's Medical Marijuana Industry. He helped create MMCM and also founded Maine Hydroponic Supply. He has taught many folks in the...


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    great little shop. very cool on the inside. nice selection. their top shelf bud is amazing. 5 dollar grams and the lower shelf stuff is still awesome and well priced. Also, i got my med card there because they organized to have a nurse-type person there to see people and issue them cards, on site. it was $60 for that i think but im not sure. Anyway, nice shop, good vibes, i think they have some kind of thing for veterans but im not a veteran so im only about 80% sure on that. Go check it out. 5 stars on the location because i drive 17 ALOT and it's super nice to be able to pick up a pre-roll of their top shelf stuff on my way to augusta.

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