Kennebunk Marijuana Delivery

Delivery Reviews in Kennebunk, ME

  • High-quality meds and a family environment. Everyone is so knowledgable and warm - you never want to leave. They have the best products and apparently get everything tested. They really seem to care about their patients and helping them get the best/right medicine. So glad I found them!

  • Awesome

  • I found this business very educational. And professional. I recommend folks that find they can have a better quality of life to spread their wings.

  • This place ive been once lil shady but i got some flower at a good price!! Just not much of a selection for flower!! This is the only issue i had!! What they had was very good though!!Ya gotta have variety!! It's very imp!!

  • My name is David I’m from Raymond and I’m lucky to be able to travel and try almost all the dispensary spots and this spot made my top 3 today!! The price of 45 a 1/4 for flower that other shops would charge 80-90 a 1/4 and call it there premium line. No games with pricing here just straight across 25-45....... I completely recommend this Grass Monkey!!

  • Friendly staff answered all my questions. Love that their flower is truly organic.

  • Been using these guys exclusively ever since I tried them. Super friendly and always on time

  • The best in Maine! These guys set the bar

  • Truely the best delivery service out there. Awesome prices,product,and customer service. Won't go anywhere else.

  • Best buds in maine, best price

  • They no longer accept credit cards. Otherwise an awesome place

  • My first appointment was with a very nice gentleman who was knowledgeable, patient, kind and he did not try to oversell us. With little knowledge on my part, I left feeling good about myself and my reasons for the medical marijuana I purchased. Thank you for great service.

    Robin K. reviewed Canuvo
  • Excellent

  • Before I begin, I'd like to say that the three comments below this one are fake. Funny how you can find these exact three reviews in the exact same order with the exact same words on many review sites. I'm pretty sure that's JaneMaine creating fake reviews. I have a lot of experience with these people, unfortunately. First of all, their buds are mediocre, at best, and very overpriced. $20/gram for really mediocre buds. I wouldn't even consider their buds medicine. I can get much better quality and prices either on the black market or at a good dispensary like MaineWellness. Not only does JaneMaine ridiculously gouge their prices, but they misrepresent their products. They claim to sell shatter. They don't. They sell soupy black BHO for $75/gram. You can get the best shatter on the planet for $35/gram in Massachusetts or Maine. Three words: DON'T GO THERE. Don't inquire, don't do business with them. They will, essentially, rape you monetarily. Why would I pay $475/oz for low qu

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