Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Lewiston

Since both medical and recreational marijuana are legal in Maine, it is not uncommon to find dispensaries in the area. There are also many places to dine, shop and explore in Lewiston. If you are visiting Lewiston and are searching for marijuana, check out our site to find a dispensary near you.

Frequent questions about marijuana in Lewiston, ME

  • What is the legal age to purchase marijuana in Lewiston?
    Medical patients must be at least 18 and have a valid doctors recommendation for a marijuana prescription. To purchase recreational marijuana, adults must be at least 21 years old with a valid government issued ID.
  • How much marijuana can I purchase at a time in Lewiston?
    You are allowed to purchase up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana from a dispensary in Lewiston.
  • Where can I legally smoke marijuana in Lewiston?
    You can smoke, vape, and consume edibles inside private residences only. It is illegal to partake in these activities in public places and while driving a vehicle. Smoking in public will likely land you a $100.00 fine and smoking while driving could result in a DUI or OWI.
  • Can I legally grow my own marijuana in Lewiston?
    Since there are not many dispensaries open in Maine just yet, it is legal for adults to grow their own cannabis. You are allowed to have up to six mature plants, 12 immature plants and an unlimited number of seedlings.

Lewiston Dispensary Reviews

  • Amazing staff! Knowledgeable and sweet staff, this shop is a welcoming need to our area!

  • This store is awesome been working with them for about 2years now

  • I've been here many many times. 1 thing I can say is the quality of the products are always on point n top notch. Their prices reflect that quality. But you get what you pay for. Some of the best meds I've had to date have been from Sinsemilla. Great menu. And customer service is ok. Not always the best. But we all have our days. I give this place high rating simply because if you want high quality meds. This is 1 of only a cpl in this area that you'll never be disappointed with. Unlike larger named places that sell low quality products that are old outdoor grown outta state junk. Th st should not even be sold as medical. As it is NOT medical quality. Everything you get from Sinsemilla will be medical grade. And safe. And they are close N local. And I will continue to get top shelf quality from them.

  • Excellent

  • The best Dispensary around!

  • Do you need medical card??

  • Top notch!! The best service and products around , it gets no better !!!

  • I think this business is wonderful and I would recommend their products to everyone to enhance the enjoyment of their life

  • Very friendly people good prices and good stuff

  • Great service, great prices, a wonderful wide range of products, as well as great quality. Best place my husband and I have been in the area, HIGHLY recommend.

  • Friendly staff good selection my go to stop

  • Have been a regular customer since they opened. Great quality. Staff really knows the product! No one else can compare! Love this place!

  • Lovely personal attention , CAREING !!!

  • Awesome and clean facility! The staff is great! They are always able to answer all of my questions and help me get the right medicine for my condition. I value this place deeply. Thank You WCM!

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