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One of the great cultural capitals of the American Northwest, Portland is a town defined by its counterculture and booming growth. It is the largest city in Oregon and sits right along the beautiful Columbia River. The expansive Mount Hood National Forest is only a short distance to the east, offering countless trails and outdoor adventure, and Mount Hood itself sits towering amidst the trees, an ever-present fixture upon Portland’s iconic horizon. The city is known for a prolific food truck scene, its eco-friendly design, and its hipster coffee-shop vibes. Portland is a city for writers, poets, and dreamers, and it is always a good time.

As a city built around counterculture and hipster influence, you can bet that Portland is also home to an amazing marijuana scene. There are dozens of dispensaries throughout the city’s various districts that sell both medical and recreational weed – and yes, they offer both curbside pickup and delivery. Most stores are open between the hours of 10 AM and 9 PM, and a wide variety of products is readily available. Residents can also grow up to four marijuana plants per household and can buy seeds and starts at medical dispensaries and marijuana retailers. Please note that the use of marijuana in public is prohibited and that driving while under the influence is illegal.  

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Frequent questions about marijuana in Portland, OR

  • How much recreational marijuana can I buy in Portland?

    In Portland, there are two different laws depending on if you are on private property or in a public area. In public, you are allowed to have one ounce of cannabis, five grams of concentrates or extracts, 16 ounces of edibles, 72 ounces of marijuana-infused liquids, ten cannabis seeds, and four immature plants. The rules remain the same for everything else but flower in private residences, in which case you are allowed to have eight ounces of marijuana.

  • If I am a medical patient, how much marijuana can I possess?

    The same rules apply to everything but flower. Medical patients who are registered with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program can purchase up to four ounces of cannabis.

  • Can I grow marijuana in Portland?

    As of July 1, 2015, residents of Oregon can grow up to four plants in their home regardless of the number of people who live there. So, if three people live there, that does not mean 12 plants. Four cannabis plants is the legal limit.

  • When are dispensaries open in Portland?

    Adults 21 and older can purchase marijuana between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 10:00 P.M. Each dispensary can have its own hours so be sure to check before heading there.

  • Is marijuana legal in Portland?

    Yes! Medical and recreational marijuana is legal to possess and use in Portland. You must be at least 21 years old or have a valid medical marijuana card


  • Where can I buy marijuana in Portland?

    There are dozens of dispensaries throughout Portland from which you can buy medical and recreational marijuana. To purchase marijuana at a Portland dispensary, you must provide a valid medical marijuana card and/or a government-issued ID


  • Is it legal to smoke weed in Portland?

    Yes. So long as you have a medical marijuana card or are at least 21 years old, you can smoke marijuana in Portland. It is illegal to smoke on public property (this includes surrounding national parks and forests), nor can you smoke in sight of the public. If you want to smoke on private property such as an Airbnb, a hotel, or an apartment, you must have the consent of the property owner(s) to legally do so.


  • Is weed delivery available in Portland?

    Yes! Medical marijuana delivery has always been legal in Portland, and the delivery of recreational weed was made legal at the end of 2016. Many of the city’s dispensaries provide delivery services to Portland and surrounding areas.


  • Can I order my marijuana online for pick-up in Portland?

    Yes! Portland dispensaries all have online order options that you can choose to pick up in-store or curbside. Just make sure to have your medical marijuana card or government-issued ID when you go to pick up your online order.


Portland Dispensary Reviews

  • Awesome

  • Awesome place. Vanessa was very helpful and took her time explaining what the selections were. Great prices! Wide selection.

  • Was absolutely awesome but the business was destroyed in the wildfire on September 8. Closed until further notice.

  • Definitely avoid this place their customer service is atrocious on a good day. One of the bud tenders called me a little bitch under her breath bc I didn’t care for her suggestion on how to wear my mask properly. Sorry I can’t see bc my glasses fog up. 10 months in I guess I should’ve known to ask the leading mask wearing expert in lane county. Next time I’ll wear it how you say and when my glasses fog up to to the point I can’t see you can watch as i trip and fall down breaking my leg in what will be my new store. And the first thing I’m gonna do is fire your ass bc your attitude is piss poor. To be perfectly honest you should be ashamed of yourself treating patients that way. You’re supposed to be a medical provider but instead with your snarky attitude you resort to calling people names under your breath. What a disgrace to the medical marijuana industry. I’m sorry you don’t like your weird haircut but that’s no reason to

  • I honestly appreciate being remembered! I always get King or Brett always on time never missing any item. I big time suggestion Kush Cart!

    Kush Cart
  • Great quality and prices are low

  • Great selection and prices. Very Helpful Staff

  • When you walk in you are met with a wonderful fragrance. The staff are the best caring and knowing. The products offered are top notch at better than fair pricing. The owner actually CARES for his customers and does whatever he can to make his dispensary the best of the best for them.


  • Love the place

    Cured Green
  • Great staff friendly and knowledgable

  • I got ripped off here. They said it was 1/2 oz but I discovered when I got home it was only 1/4 oz. When I called them they admitted they were wrong but refused to make it right. They wouldn't give me the second 1/4 oz, only a "discount". BEWARE

  • These guys are the best. ALWAYS friendly, fast, and awesome attitudes. Their recommendations are spot on, and after a couple visits they not only remember you, they remember what you like!

  • These guys really know their business. So friendly and welcoming, yet they do enforce the mandatory mask wearing so thank you. So many varieties of product and accessories. Easy to find on Hwy 101 South, plenty of parking even for big RV’s. ATM on site, cash only business. Best product and deal in town!


  • Put in an order at Cola Cove today. Ordered a strain on line called Sweet Thunder, went & picked up and found it was not what I ordered when I got home, but "Sweet Tarts" a strain that sucked. They changed the name on the product listing online to avoid the candy copyright of "SweetTarts" but of course, on line its Sweet Thunder. If I had known I would have never bought. Cause I've already wasted money on this horrible strain. I'm also not happy because your employees just basically said, "TOO BAD!" They said, "It was named properly in the store! But I didnt order in the store, I ordered on line. and again "sorry but not sorry." Now im stuck with 3/4 of oz of lame, dull bud. I wont ever go back. Shoot I can get a better deal at Chalice or if desperate, Nectar.

    Cola Cove
    Tee R. reviewed Cola Cove
  • Do you all delivery to umatilla Oregon

  • Do not go here! The first I went, had great prices on cartridges, bought a winberry. The seals on glass tube was not crafted correctly. leaked oil into my battery. I return to have it replaced. They told me it was my fault, I put too much torque on the cartridge. try to blame it on my pocket, even though I only smokes it at home & told them that. I really wish I could give a no star review. They refused to admit manufacturer defect. Blamed me, & sent me away with a broken cartridge. Worst shop in Portland, everyone owns up to their defective product, except for hustlers. Do get scammed like I did. This place is truly GARBAGE!

  • The budget bags are LITERALLY...DUST, NOT EVEN BITS ,DUST

  • Excellent service and high quality product.

  • People here are awesome courteous discreet and I very much enjoy the atmosphere and their prices and selection

  • We love Nectar. Orderly, clean and very well stocked. Great budtenders. Discount for seniors and repeat customers!

  • It is the best store around these parts.

  • Very friendly and fun to get your needs. Great prices and they know the business Thanks!

  • I love this place. Always friendly good prices. Ppl that work there know a lot and are very helpful

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