Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Annapolis

Dispensary Reviews in Annapolis, MD

  • Very helpful staff. Except online orders

  • Best service hands down. Was a little skeptical at first but very trust worthy people!

    Ltleb reviewed Khushi
  • Tried a bait and switch this is a scammer

    Asuskie1 reviewed BMO
  • Cartridge prices are at least 50% cheaper compared to other delivery services. 1 gram carts from Kushi are the same price or less than 0.5 gram carts from everyone else.

    Sunoco316 reviewed Khushi
  • First time using them or any the communication throughout the process. Very good customer service. A1 on the meds, I’m ready to start my day! Definitely [email protected]

  • The people were very nice, informative & very helpful in a friendly way. They actually do everything for you and make you feel very much at ease and comfortable. They are happy to help you achieve your ultimate goal based on compassion alone...

  • All around amazing experience

  • First timer today, high prices, took cash only and seemed upset that I had to use the atm (mentioned out loud “He has to use the ATM” in a disappointed voice to coworkers) Sorry to inconvenience you, I’ll go elsewhere

  • Awsome place wonderful people .

  • Great deals and customer service

  • One stop shop... amazing service and follow up

  • The very first time I went to the Baltimore location in Dundalk, I went 10 minutes before they closed. They could not have been nicer. Will def return and have recommended.

  • My local and favorite dispensary. Really high quality meds and knowledgeable staff.

  • Amazing shop, deli style menu.

  • Awsome

  • I was blown away by the courtesy and professionalism, I would highly recommend this shop!

  • Very friendly, clean, professional. Selection is good with daily specials. Want to also see regular affordable prices on shake and/or syrings for persons with lung issues that need to make edibles.

  • Hi when do u open for medical please

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