Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Frederick

Frederick Dispensary Reviews

  • Very professional, Great prices, great bud. I highly recommend!

  • I tried your Jelly Breath Shatter last week and was disappointed. It was soft runny with crystals like a butter. Not like Shatter. I Asked the manager if I got the wrong stuff and was it safe to use. He said it was 100 % Shatter and I was wrong about what shatter was. It felt like all the other *!# dealers I have had in the past. Update: I tossed it would not produce a vapor in my G pen and ended burning out my coil It would boil hard but nothing came out. I went back to the store and asked how I file a complaint the bud tender brought the same manager same response The manager was smirking and acting strange. More than once I have received light flower here. If it says 3.5 grams it should weigh it! You sell everything in black plastic jars so we cant see the product if we look at it we own it tough luck sucker! Bad experience don’t shop here!

  • Bm the best weed I smoked

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