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  • How long does it usually take for an order to be confirmed? This is my first time ordering so I’m not to sure if I did this correctly. I tried to call but haven’t gotten a response yet.

  • Fast. And they communicated with me well that's as ll you can ask for.

  • Extremely quick and efficient. Good quality bud, and everyone seems pretty chill. Was a great first time purchase, looking forward to more! :)

  • Great flowers and service !! Highly recommended!

  • Very quick to communicate and stay in contact. Made good recommendations and was up front with delivery times. Driver was professional and chill. Flower and carts are excellent. Will be ordering again soon.

  • Never received a response after placing an order. No one answered via text or call. Eventually had to cancel my order. Hope everyone is okay.

  • Was in the search for some medicine for a holiday weekend and stumbled across this site and vendor. Following instructions from other reviews, I texted the number and near instantly got a response. Operator explained that orders must be placed 1 day in advance due to Covid, were delivery only, and for my area had a minimum purchase price (all completely fine for my case). After some simple ID & age verification, I received the menu. In my opinion, a great selection including multiple flowers, concentrates, edibles, and CBD products. Prices seemed fair if not competitive to other areas. I was asked when I'd be available for the delivery and the driver would confirm and work in this time frame. Day of, I received a text 1 hour before my proposed delivery window. Driver was responsive throughout, giving a 20 minute, 10 minute, and "I'm here" warning as got near. Products arrived in those resealable medical bags that are tear to open - I felt secure in knowing my stuff wa

  • Drove all the way to Lawrence! you guys are awesome and I love the best buds logo!

  • The best of all places I've tried. Very fast response and communication. Quality of product is higher and cheaper. Only thing is had to wait for next day to get it delivered but worth it.

  • Today was a sucky day so normally I go through Ganja Gala cause there quality is great service is nice takes awhile to get to you but they dont play no games now I placed an order at 2:08pm for theses guys since they told me they would deliver to my town and Ganja Gala is booked for today anyways..So I place an order for a Half Ounce of Gelato #41 was so excited to try this strain sounded like something id like didnt hear nothing from theses guys until i texted them around 4:07pm askin them when they'd be here around they said about a hour via text at 4:08pm quick response havent heard nothing since its now 6:44pm I texted asking if they decided not to show all of sudden that its been little over 2 hours no texts back now so kind of a bummer i waited since 2pm for honest delivery and I got stood up instead wouldve been nice if you just said no instead of wasting my time lucky I have some dank bud i got from a friend yesterday but still im trying to help support your business during har

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  • The bud is impressive in quality and properly trimmed, driver was quick and easygoing

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    dapzz reviewed Best Buds
  • So i have already written a reveiw, but i have to write another one. Beantown ether is awsome! I highly Recommend them. Good prices, fast service, great Quality bud, and Excellent drivers. Love beantown ether!

  • Good quality and friendly service, but a little pricey. Sometimes the drivers are very fast, and sometimes they aren't, it depends when you order.

  • Amazing product and fast delivery def will be using again

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