Dispensary Reviews in Great Barrington, MA

  • I really like their prices and how really nice they are...love the vapes! Good products!

  • Favorite dispensary, hands down. Employees know their stuff, products are A++

  • Very happy😊

  • Nicest people plus their educated and very helpful. I highly recommend it

  • They are super friendly and take care of you right away. I have had to take a product back because it wasn't working and they gave me a refund with no problem. And the prices are great also

    CCC Gang reviewed Insa
  • What about prices

  • Excellent service

  • I didn't find any prices.

  • Hello?

  • This was my second order with TS. I have tried most of the 617 providers. This is the consistent fire. Got 4 eighths and a gram of granddaddy kush shatter. Skunk 1 had me stuck. Thx guys!

  • First timer.service was 100%.being totally unable to use the internet without having major breakdowns. You guys made the whole process completely painless.product was on point,and delivery time was amazing John kept us informed as where the driver was and when he would be at our place.on top of that John came up with a total price that was great and negotiating it was not even something I had to do.not the normal situation that was ICEING ON THE CAKE. Your driver I think his name is George , for sure is an asset to your company.Will call again for sure. PEACE. (To old hippies)

  • Called, they didn't know what Paypal was, didnt know what Medical vs. Non Medical is.?? Clueless and unusable.

    reviewed Northern Herb
  • Very helpful, great staff , top shelf product. Will deff be Usin you guys from now on

  • Exact Change ONLY! I INVOLUNTARILY gave the driver a $15/tip ....due to the driver’s supposed lack of change...which was bullshit..she sat in my driveway going through a wad of cash. BUT primarily my fault to assume. Otherwise, no complaints with the service.

    reviewed Northern Herb
  • I have used their services 5 times now and am extremely pleased. Recently I decided to go big and get the QP special. The Cindarella 99, Sour OG, and Grapefruit were great. The other Oz was not the same quality but MM was ready to right the situation with an exchange. Their product is top notch and only rivaled by their customer service. Would highly recommend their service

  • This service is awesome!

  • The super nice delivery girl was at my door with fire og and gorilla glue less than an hour after I placed my order. Both strains were high quality, and I'll definitely order from here again.

  • The bud is medical grade which is great but the selection is deceitful.i bought a qp which was suppose to be all different oz's yeah most definitely not.its all the same bud!stop the false advertising please and be honest, wtf people depend on you!

  • Best people on the market. Prompt delivery. Nothing more you can ask for!

  • Not good at all. Was promised delivery and no one ever showed up! Driver lies and says he called me to cancel delivery. I recieved no phone call or text message. Had to call the main number three times and was assured it was on the way. Waited over 1.5 hours with no communication whatsoever. No communication and the drivers apparantly blatantly lie. Said it was too far to deliver, I understand this, but I was paying 45$ extra for delivery and they had agreed to deliver it to this location originally as well as in subsequent communications (which I had to initiate because no one cares to call or give any updates on my order at all) . Very frustrated with this service.

  • I really like Northern Herb alot. The signup was easy but i did have to submit my documentation twice. No problem though, they emailed me the next day to ask me to resend it and i did. Boom... registered. I've ordered 4 times, all flower. The quality is the best I've ever had but it is a little pricey. The delivery drivers have all been really cool and chill. If I order before 10am I'll have a delivery before 6pm.

  • Best delivery service around if you’re in surrounding areas of Boston they WILL come out. Don’t hesitate to text them your info they are extremely trustworthy and nice. The driver I got was wicked cool and on time. I’ll definitely be ordering again. BPP has my vote 😀 thx again guys

  • Honestly i mainly deal with these guys now but definitely a lot of good hustle and variety among delivery services right now in boston. ‘This is my favorite bud and I talked to the boss about his shatter and he delivered big time in my last purchase. Sometimes you might have to wait a bit but they keep in touch and when you get it you’ll grin ear to ear. Good customers like me get hooked up. I’ll shop around but when I get quantity I do how high. I’ve messed with several services and there’s top shelf but sometimes you just.... find your brand.

    reviewed How High
  • These guys really care, very much so. I started out ordering small samplers, then grew into a bigger order and am now able to order on regular basis. Consistency is difficult in this day and age. Quality bud. A++ . Worth it. Thank you

    Alejan reviewed How High
  • I don’t need knowledgeable dispensaries and think rating the bud driver on a 5 Star scale is silly. The guy made it here with the weed, more or less when he said he would, great. What frustrated me is the bud itself. I ordered about a half of girlscoutcookies and it was alright for a bit, but I have never seen bud dry out so quickly. Within days it was a crumbly dry mess in the bag. Maybe not entirely on them, but makes me question going back. Their $750 QP deal is so tempting but what if I end up with a QP of flakey dry buds like I did before? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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