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Newton Dispensary Reviews

  • These guys are better than the other competitor in terms of service and quality. And I literally got my order delivered within a half an hour.

  • I put a very good rating on here now it's not showing up I had gotten one dab cart of the lime mimosa and one cart of the wedding crashers both were very good

    Best Buds
  • Best delivery place ever was quick and the dab carts are bomb I got the lime mojito and my husband got the wedding cake very potent and wonderful high will definitely order again thanks bestbuds you made my day

    Best Buds
  • My husband ordered last night and never got his two dab carts no communication they said driver was grabbing my order about to head this way never heard anything first it was I had to wait a hour and they said that a few different times till they completely cut off communication very unprofessional and unless I get a apology and get my order like it's supposed to be then I'll leave this review maybe they'll step up and work it out

  • It was great! A little late but no problem at all.

  • These guys really are the best - they always reply, they are friendly and work well with people, super accommodating, oh yeah and the bud is bomb!! I won’t order from anyone else. Thanks Top Shelf!!

  • I had an issue and was very unhappy but after talking with them they went above and beyond to make it right which I didn’t expect but know they are my first call and will be for as long as I smoke. Thank you guys

  • Always the best nothing less from Best Buds. Been shopping for over a year.

    Best Buds
  • Pretty sure most of these reviews are fakes. I’ve never had a place charge $20 for delivery then have it be over an hour for a driver to contact you, then proceed to give an eta of an hour later from that point, then once that eta was reached not respond when asked for an update then say 25 min delay. Once an hour after my original eta I asked for an update and was told there were delays. Following me messaging asking for an updated eta for 30 min was told it would be another hour and that I was the next order, this being over 2 hours after my original eta, and over 4 and a half hours after my order was processed. This is baffling and frustrating considering I’m paying a $20 delivery cost for such shitty delivery service.

  • So first they are very fast at getting back to you. Second when they say they're going to be there in an hour and a half they are there in an hour and a half they have never exceeded the time they said. also they give you a confirmation text about 15 minutes out which is really nice. Whoever's running the show is there is running it really well very expedient very professional very knowledgeable.

  • It took about 3h which is acceptable during the pandemic. Driver wears mask and is very professional and friendly. The only complain I have is that I chose the gummy worms because they are advertised as a 500 mg pack for the same price than other gummies with less mg. However, when I received it the package was different than the one advertised and it was 400 mg instead of 500 mg, that is 20% less than expected bringing the total price/mg higher than I initially thought. I would suggest everyone to confirm via phone/text before submitting an order because a partial refund (or exchange) is quite complicated paying by cash...

  • You run the risk of them not showing up as you can see from previous reviews. Once they stop communicating, you know they've flaked on you.

  • I smoked a joint and have no high yet but I'm gonna smoke another one and try again overall I'm satisfied with the smell and the flavor good bud will definitely order again🙂

  • By far one of the best delivery an well respectively. Flower is awesome drivers are nice an i love the edibles.

  • Been with these guys for long time now. Love the service and high quality flowers always consistent. Strong edibles too.

  • Tried casey jones and bruce banner. Definitely nice indoor weed. Had to wait till next day delivery but worth it.

  • Literally the Best! Love these guys ugh lol

  • Would like to try their flower but it’s been months since I been trying to get accepted :/ maybe you’ll have better luck
  • Other than the initial slow response to get my account set with them I’ve had good interactions for the most part. I’ve ordered 4 separate times from them. The bud I’ve tried is, the gorilla glue, purple kush, purple skunk, deadhead og, Pineapple Express, blue cheese, blue diesel, and probably a couple others I can’t think of right off the top of my head without looking. The first few orders were better than the others, for the most part the weed is good but lacks consistency, and is definitely vacuumed sealed too much. The gorilla glue shatter I bought from them was complete trash, had to throw it out because it clearly had way to much of whatever solvent they used to make the shatter still in the oil.( went up in massive flames)
  • My brother recently referred me. I too am now a regular. I mess with no one on WW than these guys. Potent sticky buds at honest prices. Not to mention spot on eta's. We love ya'll. Thanks for the great meds.

  • Absolute trash. I was told the ETA was 45mins. Its been over two hours and no response. Dont waste your time and money they’re not worth it.. Also their vape cartridges are fake, knockoffs of dank vape and TkO cartridges. You can find them online for 30$ a pop (just google)

  • Big fat nugs

  • Amazing customer service. Very friendly. Great bud.

  • Wow amazing I stopped getting medical you guys are that good

    Ganja Gala
  • I have ordered delivery from just about every dispensary off of wheres weed These guys are by far the best of the bunch. My girlfriend suffers from anxiety/depression and is required to smoke daily. Thanks to these guys my girl is able to medicate on time due to their affordable prices and fast friendly service. Give them a call. They truly care about their customers.

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