Dispensary Reviews in Pittsfield, MA

  • Awesome place great meds and great service. Big AL N.Y.

  • After texting me my pre order was ready for pickup I drove 2 hours only to be told at the counter that my order WAS NOT COMPLETE and I would have to go wait on a 3 hour line outside in 97 degree weather on 7/20 /19 if I wanted something.I would NEVER do business with ANY COMPANY that treats their customers like that.

  • Theory has incredible flower and extracts. Their staff is super friendly. My go to dispensary!

  • Loved the experience. They know their stuff. They spend the time to really give you the information that you require. Super friendly.

  • arrived 4.30pm sat, long line waiting in frigid weather, told by security that we’d get in, and shortly after the shut line down to new arrivals. 2.5hrs later, after standing outside in below 30 degree weather, i get within 3 people of being let in to shop, and then told they wont let us in- despite the manager being fully aware of the number of people in line, and outdoor security in contact with him via radio. the mngr says- please come back tmrw...are you seriously kidding? GET BETTER ORGANISED for the people who are supporting your business! you know your store location will be popular with people traveling further to visit, you know there will be long lines, MANAGE them. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME

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