Marijuana Dispensaries, Delivery, and Doctors in Quincy

Quincy is located in Boston's southern suburbs and is the eighth largest city in Massachusetts. The city has a lot of rich American history and you can see that at places like the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Adams National Historic Park and Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. While medical marijuana became legal in November of 2012 in Massachusetts, recreational marijuana just became legal in November of 2016. The state is allowing more and more licenses for dispensaries to open so be sure to keep an eye out for one near you in Quincy.

Frequent questions about marijuana in Quincy, MA

  • Can I legally buy marijuana in Quincy?
    While dispensaries in Massachusetts are few and far between right now, the number of them is continuing to grow as businesses are getting approved for state licenses. You can currently find a few dispensaries in the Quincy area.
  • What is the legal limit of marijuana I can have in Quincy?
    Medical patients are limited to a 60 day supply of up to 10 ounces unless the physician prescribes a higher amount of marijuana per their medical needs. Recreational marijuana users 21 and older are allowed to purchase up to one ounce of cannabis or 5 grams of concentrate. Recreational users are also allowed to have up to ten ounces of marijuana inside their residences.
  • Where is it legal to consume marijuana in Quincy, Massachusetts?
    It is illegal to smoke or consume edibles in all public places in Quincy. This includes in cars, restaurants, concerts and parks. It is legal to consume in the privacy of your own residence so that is your best bet for safe smoking.
  • What can I purchase from a dispensary in Quincy?
    You can purchase a variety of different cannabis strains along with multiple other cannabis infused products. These may include edibles, oils, tinctures, and drinks.

Quincy Dispensary Reviews

  • Second time ordering and I have to say the bud was amazing candy was delicious if you need good quality stuff the prices may be high but the quality it top notch and some of the best weed ive smoked in a long time. Cons of the business Prices are High but the Quality is Great the one thing that sucked this time was my buds came in smaller nugs where the first time i got fat nugs no biggie though. Pros This Company is Honest Realiable Quality is Amazing You will not get anything better at least for me the buds they grow are with care and love gets you super stoned and the edible's were delicious and were perfect in doseage Thank you for your business I think you won me over as a lifetime customer for aslong as you service me

    Ganja Gala
  • No communication. After putting my order in last night, I messaged the business to please cancel my order after waiting for almost 24 hours for a response back... A simple text response with an ETA would have been nice.

  • So i have already written a reveiw, but i have to write another one. Beantown ether is awsome! I highly Recommend them. Good prices, fast service, great Quality bud, and Excellent drivers. Love beantown ether!

  • Good quality and friendly service, but a little pricey. Sometimes the drivers are very fast, and sometimes they aren't, it depends when you order.

  • Great service and fair prices.

  • Great service, great product, all around top tier

  • Tried for the first time and they rock, quick and good stuff.

  • My order took a very long time to get too me and ill admit I was worried I was wasting my time through the entire process but I must say when it did come time for that text and the driver letting me know he was 40 mins out and he showed up I was more then thrilled to know I wasn't stood up and the quality of the bud was perfect and no harsh taste just a smooth hit each and everytime now the gummies were very harsh not complaining just saying since it was my first time trying them could be why my taste buds went nuts lol but thank you for the honest delivery and Best buds i had in a very long time!! Ordering again actually right now to try the sour patches this time and some different buds East Coast Sour Diesel and the Dope rope and the grease monkey gonna be a fun night with my lady!

    Ganja Gala
  • Can I pay with a debit card ? And if so these dudes actually gonna show? not tryna give my debit card info and get charged a hundred if they aren't gonna show

  • I've ordered from them a couple of times and the bud was always fire. I placed an order last night and they ghosted me. I was told they were gonna call me back. I haven't heard anything from them and when I call them they either hit the asshole button or don't answer. It sucks because I love there bud but its not worth the hassle.

  • Very professional, very timely and extremely nice guys.

  • Excellent service. Pre rolls are absolutely excellent. Rice crispy treats are great too as well as the goldfish. Great delivery timing and very helpful and polite. I will continue to order again and again.

  • The driver who was supposed to deliver my order bailed/stopped communicating. When I brought it up to the main guy he checked with his driver again. After still not receiving any word the main guy reached back out to me apologizing for the order not showing up. He then proceeded to offer to personally drive it out to me and threw in a few freebies too! I have seen a few reviews about drivers not showing up, but after reaching out to them they did everything they could to ensure I got my order and was happy. I definitely recommend these guys and if you have any problems with delivery give the main number a call back. Great communication and help, will def be a repeat customer. Thank you!

  • Amazing product and fast delivery def will be using again

  • Very pleased with my orders! I'll be using them everytime I come into boston!

  • They were here in 2hrs and I'm about 30 miles away. Good price, a little rough on delivery charges, but I'm far away and the product was cheap enough to still be a value. Will absolutely use again.

  • Put in a order waiter 4 hour to respond after they had accepted in begining so I text no reply I call and say hey is this still coming cause if not I would have ordered from another supplier but the guy pics up and say ok I'm gonna call my driver not knowing shit about me besides that I ordered hangs up phone dick I fell asleep waiting another hour waste of my day tbh ...just don't accept it if you ain't gonna service ..gave one star cause that's mandatory bs

  • flower keeps gettin better!! the older strains are epic...

  • Thank you for early delivery today !

  • Let's just say I'm still high... !!! Excellent flower will call back tomorrow thank you!!

  • I’ve tried ordering from them on three different occasions and there is always a problem! They have never followed through with the delivery. The texted me they needed me to buy more even though the website specified their minimum..and apparently only take cash which is odd and not specified anywhere. What if they drove all of the way here and I didn’t have cash? Everyone else on here uses Venmo. Don’t use them :/

  • Great edibles and the weed is always top grade ! My go to Every-time would recommend to anyone

  • Best buds I have tasted so far excellent customer service and delivery. I really wanted to try some of the rainbow bud I keep seeing in the photos..overall you guys are the best thank you for continuing to deliver. Stay safe and God bless.

  • These guys are best! Very organized and professional.

  • I would never waste my time with this place again I have a spine injury and been trying to order for two days and the communication is way off and they never came now I’m forced to deal with my extreme pain HOME ALONE with no help or meds thanks for leaving me hanging you’ll never hear from me or any of my people again I wish I could give you negative starts upsetting and very unprofessional

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