Rochdale Dispensary Reviews

  • 30 dollars a gram and up you can keep it i will stick to my guy and get it for far less fuck these guys and every Other store in Massachusetts they are all way over priced i was getting a half ounce in D.C. for 80 and an ounce of premium shake for 100 dollars delivered with where's weed

  • They aren"t even open for business yet so how can it have 5.0 rating?

  • Fantastic people fantastic service!!

  • I was very happy to go. And they are nice people.

  • Prices are sky high. As high as I've ever seen. It's a cliqy place reminds me of Starbucks. Rushed in rushed out. Didnt even buy bud. I left because I felt depressed. No parking a guy in a vest will charge u 5,$ forget this place it's for rich kids.

  • To be forced to park across town and shuttle over when lines are non-existent and the parking lot is empty is outrageous. I'm an out-of-state medical patient with credentials. I understand you don't take my creds, but come on. A bit of compassion, please?

  • Great dispensary. Quality medicine and even better staff looking to make your experience a great one.

  • Great selection. Multiple products and strains.

  • Absolutely fantastic and knowledgeable.

  • Really convenient for wake & bakers!

    PGTV reviewed Cultivate
  • Thank you Mathew in Worcester , your help was invaluble and made the process so much easier for my elderly veteran family members . Thank you a million times I know this will help witha mirage of issues and heal them well.

  • Very happy😊

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