Sagamore Marijuana Delivery

Delivery Reviews in Sagamore, MA

  • Do you have to have med card

  • Quality products delivered in a timely manner

  • Great flowers and fast delivery

  • Scammers / fraudsters selling fake cartridges. Do not fall victim to this crap.

  • It was great not having to leave my house. Also had a much bigger menu than my local dispensary.

  • Great Drivers and Reliable, Absolutely luv the Service and Most Important, Great Flower.. I highly recommend

  • The price is right.

  • Had to share my amazing experience with KindCareGiver 420! Great, prompt service in which I received no less than dispensary quality product for alot less than dispensary quality prices!!! I look forward to seeing the super cool people at KindCareGivers a ton. Thanks again guys!!!

  • Called a good time after ordering to check payment options, and was told my order hadn't been seen yet. I went to get cash and waited another two or so hours to get a call telling me they would not deliver to me unless I ordered $125 worth of product. I'd appreciate minimums and payment info be provided prior to ordering. This might be a good option for rich recreational users, but not for disabled medical patients in need.

  • Driver showed up exactly on agreed time. Great text communication between order and delivery. We purchased a 1/4 flower and a Dank oil cartridge. I never heard of dank but a Buick Google search showed they are knocked off a lot. I actually found counterfeit packing boxes on Alibaba. But this was the real thing! Everything is legit. Watch the YouTube videos on how to spot a fake dank. This was marketed as 'tangie'. I took two deep hit then fell into a very relaxed chill. Then an hour later got in the mood to make dinner and plow the snow. It was a nice and relaxing chill. My friend got the flower but I haven't heard from him yet on the quality. I would buy from STB again in a heartbeat. We are in the process of checking out all the deliveries on WheresWeed. STB is one of favorites at the time of this review. There is a $20 delivery fee but they may throw in a freebie. We got gummy bananas but haven't tried them yet. I've never tried an edible before. Might hit it on Satu

  • Two hours late, tried to charge me more money, and got my order wrong. Don't do it! These fools are a joke. When the driver showed up two hours late, he told me I owed more money for my order bc the preroll price had gone up. I said well you're two hours late and that's also not my problem you charged me incorrectly. I get inside and open the package and it wasn't the two prerolls I ordered but a glass mouthpiece attached to a 1/2 hash 1/2 bud blunt covered in kief. I just wanted a simple preroll! The got my eighth order correct which is honestly a surprise. I come from DC where vendors have this down to a science. I hope the next service I try is different.

    d4719 reviewed Kush Grove
  • Decent prices, fast delivery, you get what you pay for.

  • By far one of the best services I have used, all thier products are no different than the costly meds the dispensaries charge. When I can get twice as much for a fraction of what dispensaries charge, Hurst for the caregivers, Keep up the good work, Thanks again Kindcaregiver.

  • Ordered and got mine within 2 hours. Good stuff, good prices, and very convenient.

  • These guys are great. I'm particular about the effects I want and they always steer me in the right direction. Easy payment and fast delivery! A+

  • i had a wonderful experience with bpp. very professional service and friendly and helpful driver! it was a dream come true to order from them.

  • arrived 4.30pm sat, long line waiting in frigid weather, told by security that we’d get in, and shortly after the shut line down to new arrivals. 2.5hrs later, after standing outside in below 30 degree weather, i get within 3 people of being let in to shop, and then told they wont let us in- despite the manager being fully aware of the number of people in line, and outdoor security in contact with him via radio. the mngr says- please come back tmrw...are you seriously kidding? GET BETTER ORGANISED for the people who are supporting your business! you know your store location will be popular with people traveling further to visit, you know there will be long lines, MANAGE them. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME

  • I really like their prices and how really nice they the vapes! Good products!

  • Favorite dispensary, hands down. Employees know their stuff, products are A++

  • Very happy😊

  • Nicest people plus their educated and very helpful. I highly recommend it

  • They are super friendly and take care of you right away. I have had to take a product back because it wasn't working and they gave me a refund with no problem. And the prices are great also

    CCC Gang reviewed Insa
  • What about prices

  • Excellent service

  • I didn't find any prices.

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