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Wilmington Weed Delivery Reviews

  • Would like to try their flower but it’s been months since I been trying to get accepted :/ maybe you’ll have better luck

  • Other than the initial slow response to get my account set with them I’ve had good interactions for the most part. I’ve ordered 4 separate times from them. The bud I’ve tried is, the gorilla glue, purple kush, purple skunk, deadhead og, Pineapple Express, blue cheese, blue diesel, and probably a couple others I can’t think of right off the top of my head without looking. The first few orders were better than the others, for the most part the weed is good but lacks consistency, and is definitely vacuumed sealed too much. The gorilla glue shatter I bought from them was complete trash, had to throw it out because it clearly had way to much of whatever solvent they used to make the shatter still in the oil.( went up in massive flames)

  • Been waiting for two weeks for them to activate my account, cannot recommend

  • Bud drivers are friendly and like their selection. Quality of the bud is overall good, but not consistent.

  • My review below was based on service/reliability. I have since sampled the TOK vape (8.5/10); the RSO Gummies (slept well) and the Watermelon Gummies (loved these - I was pleasantly relaxed waiting for my flight - the effects mirrored 10/15/20 MG of valium so that is ideal as benzos are not to be used regularly like opioids - tolerance builds quickly.

  • I'm old school and have been back and forth for breast cancer treatment - was looking for a delivery service or more options in Boston (downtown) for edibles and other products for post surgery pain management. As a non US resident I can't get a MA ID card and BCG has come to my rescue. Text (WhatsApp) proof of age and the day's menu is sent immediately. What great choices (I can't have flower (smoke) but can have some vape, edibles, topicals so I gave it a try. As an older customer I need more information - and they fielded my onslaught of questions as best possible but I don't even know what "diamonds", "moon rocks" are.... it would help if the pre-rolls, cartridges and edibles came with more information on effects and quantity (%sativa v indica, how many Gummies per order etc) but once I finally ordered, I got a text from my driver with ETA and he arrived at my hotal (despite the rain), Cash only - TIP your driver well. Many thanks BCG and I'll be ordering

  • Beautiful progressive spot just outside Boston. Expect a lineee. Plan ahead on parking and bring some quarters. Great genuine service and canna-advocation here, lots of education and intake choices here. Always go in with a big smile and leave with an even bigger one. Means the world to me that I can legally get my med such a beautiful positive space with similar people who match.

  • Hello?

  • No weed here - this is a doctor's office.

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