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Located west of Detroit, Ann Arbor has long held more liberal views on possession and use of marijuana. The sprawling University of Michigan is a main employer and major influence on local culture of the state's sixth largest city. The picturesque, wooded neighborhoods are full of museums dedicated to art, science and history as well as many performing arts venues and multiple arts festivals drawing tourists throughout the year.

Frequent questions about marijuana in Ann Arbor, MI

  • What is the penalty for smoking marijuana publicly in Ann Arbor?
    Any adult 21+ caught with less than two ounces of marijuana is subject to a fine; $25 for the first infraction, $50 for the second, and $100 every time after
  • Where can I buy marijuana in Ann Arbor?
    Like all of Michigan, Ann Arbor only allows dispensaries to sell cannabis products to medical patients or their licensed caregiver(s).

Dispensary Reviews in Ann Arbor, MI

  • Awesome!

  • flipping fantastic product and service! their shatter leaves NO black residue that the low quality types leave. no pain for me after 1 hit, plus it helps me sleep like a baby. definitely top shelf stuff!


  • I tried this dispensary due to my original closing. I am blown away with the knowledge and compassion. I have had a diffident budtender everytime, but all are equal in helpfulness. I am definitely a customer as long as they are open.

  • My experience today, July 24, 2019, at The Patient Station, 530 S. Huron, Ypsilanti was HORRIBLE!! I am 70 years old struggling with a nerve disorder & possible pre on set dementia. When I arrived, I provided my license and medical marijuana card. The women at the computer checking in could not find me in their system and asked that I filled out their paperwork, NP. I got that completed and sat down until I was called. Yeah my turn as I was beginning to tremble. The women that took their form from me is now in the product room talking to me about another form while the salesgirl was talking that just made things worse for me. The lady from the counter could see I was having difficulty signing my name trembling so bad. I really needed to get what I ordered and home. NOPE!!! I paid cash for my product but there was confusion with the women that took my paperwork and the girl that rang it up. As this point I asked nicely SEVERAL TIMES may I please just have my money back? I was repl

  • First I want to start off by recognizing Kevin and Marco for their AMAZING customer service! They were very informative, helpful, and very patient as I asked a bunch of questions (lol). They have an incredible deal for new patients where if you spend $20 you get $15 taken off your order, so therefore that means you can go in and spend $20 and only end up paying $5!! That’s the BEST deal I’ve seen yet! Great selections on flower and very reasonable pricing, some prices on flower are as low as $8 a gram! You can’t beat that price! Best prices in town & quite possibly the best prices in the state of Michigan. The wax is also an amazing price as low as $25 a gram. Edibles are also amazing prices as low as $7. If you want great prices, great product & a great experience then come here as it’s the best dispensary in Michigan, in my opinion! Thank you Kevin and Marco!!

  • I love this place they have great products & bud tenders 💕


  • Really like the new setup. Great customer services. Good prices and product.

  • I was a customer here for 3 years , moved...still miss these people..made me feel like family...never ever disappointed with the deals I received..Marcus is a very extremely knowlegable proprietor...knows his biz....wish I still lived in that area

    Jay W. reviewed The Shop
  • Love the green house of walled lake and their supply of medication!

  • Love coming here. Low prices great service and easy in and out access

  • They are the best in Ann Arbor very helpful and experience They are phenomenal!!🤗

  • Don't want bud from anywhere else

  • The mailbox is full.......please return my call

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