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Battle Creek Dispensary Reviews

  • (MEDICAL) Had a horrible reaction to one of their concentrates, had to use a nebulizer and could not stop vomiting. Called in to explain that I had spent my budget for this week on meds I thought would last me the week. We have been loyally shopping here for quite a while and have easily dropped several grand at this location. The manager at first seemed concerned but once she conferred with another manager I was told "buy something else" I have managed dispensaries in Michigan, and have been working in the cannabis industry for close to a decade from California to Michigan. This level of unprofessionalism and wretched customer service is appalling. "Its state tested" If a MEDICAL patient called me, offering to return a product, stating a negative reaction that required pharmaceuticals to correct, at the very least I'd give them a discount on a replacement product regardless of if I could take the product back or not. I am a cancer survivor. I use this medication to

  • They have really good pre rolls super sweet t-shirts and the staff is nice and friendly

  • I teally liked the t shirts. So cool. I really like prrrolls and flower selection was crystally. Staff friendly and knowledgeable

  • I have been trying out all of the dispensaries in the area and this one has by far been my favorite. Very knowledgeable even told me some tips and tricks. Can't wait till this Covid-19 stuff calms down so I can actually go in and shop around. I do however recommend with everything going on and having to do carside ordering and pickup that they throw together some sort of photo book with interchangeable pictures of their items. I would be more willing to spend more money if I seen what it was I was getting before getting it. They do have the best outrageous prices in all the ones I have visited thus far.

  • Remedy is very organized, very professional, extremely patient oriented and eager to please. They have a very well stocked inventory from marijuana to smoke or edibles and oils. You must have your medical marijuana card and driver's license or picture ID. They allow one customer (or couple) so they can focus totally on pleasing the customer. Prices are affordable, inventory is top-notch, and staff is extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer questions if you are unsure of what you want or need. They offer specials on a regular basis and various items. I only wish that they were able to deliver to frequent regular/repeat customers.

  • Nicely appointed facility. Dispensary rooms are quiet & clean. Bud tenders are helpful and non-judgemental

  • Relieving

  • try to join it would not except my password

  • None in Kalamazoo, but one in portage, go to Leafly or Weedmaps

  • Are they still open

  • No response to phone number and voice mail not set up so couldn't leave a message

  • There is NOOOO dispensary here. Closed abandoned building. Dont waste your time!!! 3rd place i drove to and its closed. Soooooo pissed.

  • This place is NOT open!!!! Wasted my time driving there for nothing

  • Don't have an experience,this is my first time...

  • must have closed down?

  • Stocked Shelves, A few good Budtenders. Location isn't too bad. They always give me great deals and price breaks which is why I really like this place. They help out their patients knowing that'll keep us coming back. I appreciate how they've been able to help me out. Their prerolled joints burn smoothly every time. Good Hash. Prices are normal.

  • sucks that affordable certification isn't easier to find in Battle Creek!!!

  • The bud tenders are very helpful an jus great people. The meds are awesome definitely have my vote an my business.

  • Weed is not well dried, cured and it some is seedy. I will say one positive thing there is that they have clones. Ok, the weed I got was supposed to Black Widow and there is no way because I had some extra and the smell was not the same and the thc content was a lot lower. I smoked over 1 gm of this so called black widow and only got a little buzz, it tasted like clorox when I was smoking which leads me to believe they didn't flush the plants well prior to harvesting. Go to the MMA flea market in Jackson, I save hundreds a month and the people there are negotiable with prices. Other option is The Karmacy on Dickman Road in Battle Creek, overpriced but very quality weed so you get more bang for your buck there.

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