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Canton Dispensary Reviews

  • Excellent quality products, employees who are friendly, polite, and knowledgeable, amazing prices, and a great selection. Since finding them by mistake they have become my go-to supplier.

  • Avoid this hole and it’s trash mouth employees!!

  • i love this company but for some reason i can no longer use this service. this issue has been persistent for days and i still have not been able to get my product :(((((

  • (MEDICAL) Had a horrible reaction to one of their concentrates, had to use a nebulizer and could not stop vomiting. Called in to explain that I had spent my budget for this week on meds I thought would last me the week. We have been loyally shopping here for quite a while and have easily dropped several grand at this location. The manager at first seemed concerned but once she conferred with another manager I was told "buy something else" I have managed dispensaries in Michigan, and have been working in the cannabis industry for close to a decade from California to Michigan. This level of unprofessionalism and wretched customer service is appalling. "Its state tested" If a MEDICAL patient called me, offering to return a product, stating a negative reaction that required pharmaceuticals to correct, at the very least I'd give them a discount on a replacement product regardless of if I could take the product back or not. I am a cancer survivor. I use this medication to

  • This place is honestly the best dispo around. The prices are cheap, and they take care of me :). I would not recommend anybody to go to a dispo if it is not Holistic.

  • Great place great products

  • Marvelous i love this place

  • First time ordering from them, good products, very courteous and professional, only complaint is delivery took over 3 hours. As long as the product and service stays good, this will be my go-to spot.

  • Great product service and pricing.

  • Love this place!! Only ordered from here a couple times so far but I could not be happier with the speed, quality and customer service! Anytime I have a question they are so helpful on the phone and the drivers are speedy and friendly. I love the heads up call they give when they are almost here and they have deals almost every day. Would highly recommend to everyone! ❤

  • they are policing on there own site bewarrreeee!

  • Bud could be stronger. Makes me want to find elsewhere to get stronger bud. None of their bud is worth over 10 and that’s facts. It’s definitely prettier than the smoke.

  • Great place to buy my meds!!!

  • If I knew it was this easy, I would have gotten a card a long time ago. The telemedicine option is awesome. They called when they said they would. The doctor was friendly. The approval came fast. 100% recommend.

  • What a great experience. I was a little afraid to pay online in advance, but they were highly recommended by several people I trust so I went for it. I'm very glad that I did. Very professional service. The doc called right on time and I had the approval email almost instantly after my appointment. Two thumbs up for these guys all the way. I will definitely use them again when I need to renew.

  • The service was so incredible I love the product so much!! You guys are so amazing!! Can’t wait to try more products!!!

  • Great experience. The doc called right on time and was really nice. The approval email came almost immediately after the appointment and I was able to go shopping at the dispensary right away. Very fast and very easy. I highly recommend these guys.

  • First time buying and it went perfect! I will be buying again!

  • Best delivery service by far

    You Budz
  • I have been ordering from this company for about five or six months. The staff is always friendly. They make you feel very at ease,they answer any questions you have and are very helpful. I Would recommend this business to anyone seeking Good potent medication.

  • Best experience I’ve had in a while, they actually showed me the product before taking my money which is something I’ve always wanted but nobody every does. Incredibly fair priced and kept me updated on the delivery times.

    You Budz
  • Very good great service. Good product

  • Really fast amazing looking nugs. No shake sticky. Dense. Best Delivery in town, always satisfied

  • So easy to find. Great flower. Great location. Ms. Kelly was my first time doing this for me please keep up the awesome customer service. Shes knowledgeable and very caring. Not just another sale. That goes along way in my book. Will be back for a new song and bong!

  • Excellent service provided to me when I called and ordered. I accidentally gave them my old address and didn’t realize it until it was already on the way to be delivered, when I called to apologize the man was so sweet and understanding. Will definitely continue buying from here and recommending them to my friends.

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