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Dispensary Reviews in Dearborn, MI

  • The owner is very knowledgeable about his product and helped me pick the kind i needed and it wasnt based on the price. Always on time with great leaf and great prices. Never disappointed and always exceeding my expectations. Highly recommended.

  • I had bought plant from them for years , the last 2 set I bought was full of spider mites , I lost my hold crop due to the spider mites , this the very last time I will EVER deal with this group, A waste of time , money & effort, go somewhere else

  • Great service, they replied to my text quickly and my order was delivered in under a half hour.

  • I am really satisfied with the service! I think I may found my new goto!

  • The quality is top notch. Best i have seen in a while, the service was the best, answers you right away. And just overall experience was great!!!

  • Best weed, at the best price! Only person I shop with!

  • Excellent service and product knowledge. Definitely a repeat customer. Meets my medical needs. Thank you for your genuine concern for those of us that say no to opioids that are so frequently prescribed by most doctors.

  • Top notch. They have new regular now. Quality, quality, quality!

  • Speedy and easy delivery. I really appreciate it. It’s just way overpriced. All the meds are the same price. A gram is 15 and 3.5 grams is $52. That would be doable if the flower wasn’t way below that quality. I ordered lemon crack and sour strawberry. The lemon crack was worth maybe $25 1/8 and the strawberry was worth maybe 30-30 an 1/8, based on dispensary prices. I also didn’t get a free gift for being a first time patient. Maybe they don’t do that, but that would be the first.

  • the tribe has the most fire bud i have had in my life no cap. that sunshine #4 goes harder than ever

  • Hollywood is the gold standard in this business. Staff, product, service, knowledge! Repeat customer x10

  • Worst weed I have ever bought in my life. Brutal, I don’t even know what to do with this garbage Oz

    msorisho reviewed 4twenty
  • Beautiful plants! Keep getting better and better! See you again soon

  • Great selections! Thanks guys!

  • Amazing bud great delivery time

  • I've been going to Arborside for 6 years and it's the best place for your med needs, plus the people at Arborside are very knowledgeable but it does get crowded with patients but that's because it's a great place.

  • Dope as fuck

  • What is their number lost contacs

  • Tried to place a new patient order, as the website stated they were accepting new patients and had a new patient special. Was informed that they were not taking new patients (Not an issue, there are literally hundreds of dispensaries to chose from). I sent a screenshot of their weedmaps page and simply stated that they might want to update. Instead of receiving an apology for inconvenience or for misinformation, I received a snarky message. Super unnecessary and poor customer service. Way to lose a potential client to another company. There are way too many businesses that treat people respectfully to bother with immaturity. Save y’all time and money and order from someone else. Update: After posting my review, I have received harassing text messages. Please avoid these thugs.

  • Awesome!


  • I tried this dispensary due to my original closing. I am blown away with the knowledge and compassion. I have had a diffident budtender everytime, but all are equal in helpfulness. I am definitely a customer as long as they are open.

  • My experience today, July 24, 2019, at The Patient Station, 530 S. Huron, Ypsilanti was HORRIBLE!! I am 70 years old struggling with a nerve disorder & possible pre on set dementia. When I arrived, I provided my license and medical marijuana card. The women at the computer checking in could not find me in their system and asked that I filled out their paperwork, NP. I got that completed and sat down until I was called. Yeah my turn as I was beginning to tremble. The women that took their form from me is now in the product room talking to me about another form while the salesgirl was talking that just made things worse for me. The lady from the counter could see I was having difficulty signing my name trembling so bad. I really needed to get what I ordered and home. NOPE!!! I paid cash for my product but there was confusion with the women that took my paperwork and the girl that rang it up. As this point I asked nicely SEVERAL TIMES may I please just have my money back? I was repl

  • Love how patient the bud tenders are with me! I ask a lot of questions as this is still so new to me.

  • Excellent

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