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Come Check Out Our Spooky Deals! 6% SALES TAX WILL BE ADDED ON AFTER COST **WE ACCEPT OUT OF STATE PATIENTS, WITH VALID AND MATCHING IDENTIFICATION** We are the Michigan Cannakings. We believe in providing an educational and safe area for all our...


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    I loved how the budtender's was so nice and helpful because I didn't understand somethings.

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    Very satisfied with the knowledge of the budtenders, they were very friendly and helpful to my first visit. Quality of what I have tried so far has made me very satisfied and I will definitely return...

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    Crazy FUN FOLKS: super smart and REALLY helpful, especially to a "green" horn like me ! I've been to this sweet, little dispensary 3 times and EVERY SINGLE time I've come away with quality MM and even more knowledge than the last time. Their DAILY DEALS CAN'T BE BEAT !!!! And, on Sundays, they honor ALL their weekday deals :)

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